OMP Cables & Connectors

  • OMP Strap Safety Kit for up to 60" Flat Panel TV's


    $ 29.99

    Make any room a safe environment with the anti-tip tether strap designed to reduce the risk of flat panel televisions being accidentally tipped or knocked forwards.

    • Durable polypropylene adjustable strap with connectors securely attaches to the back of the television (mounting holes) and either to the back of your furniture (glass shelf or wooden cabinet) or screwed into the wall, works with up to 60" flat panel televisions, easy installation
  • OMP Cable Management System - 1m Straight


    $ 44.99

    omp cable management system, pack contains 1 plastic cable cover, 2 end caps, 1 cover joiner (to join 2 cable cover systems together), easy to cut and customize to suit your individual requirements, paintable to match room décor, holds up to 3 cables, attractive cover hides messy cables

    • dimensions are length 1m, width 51mm, height 27mm
    • screws/ fittings not included