Panasonic Heating & Cooling

  • Panasonic 17 Litre Dehumidifier F-YCL17N
    $ 749.00
    14 Fly Buys points

    Ensure that your home remains dry with the Panasonic 17L Dehumidifier. This unit has a 4.8 litre water tank and can remove up to 17 litres of moisture per day for a pleasant environment. It has a mildew guard, designed to prevent mould from accumulating. Featuring an auto-dehumidify mode, it will only operate based on the settings you choose. This dehumidifier has an option for continuous drainage and operates quietly, giving you the benefits of a dehumidifier without background noise. Complete with a laundry drying mode, it can be used to dry your clothes. This dehumidifier features castors and a 2/4/8 hour timer for added convenience.

    • Auto dehumidify mode
    • Laundry mode to dry clothes
    • 2/4/8 hour timer
    • 4.8L water tank
    • Removes up to 17L of moisture per day
  • Panasonic 27 Litre Dehumidifier F-YCL27N
    $ 949.00
    18 Fly Buys points

    Keep your home comfortable all year round with the Panasonic 27L Dehumidifier. This unit features a 5 litre water tank and is able to remove 27 litres of moisture per day for a dry environment. It has a Super Alleru-Buster filter, which helps to maintain a healthy environment. Perfect for reducing energy consumption, it is equipped with ECONAVI technology to evaluate room conditions and switch the unit on and off accordingly. With an auto-dehumidify mode, this dehumidifier will operate based on your chosen settings. This dehumidifier has the option of continuous drainage, which saves you the hassle of having to regularly empty its tank. It is designed with a laundry drying mode and has an intelligent dryness monitoring system, so it gauges how dry the clothes in your room should be. This dehumidifier has castors and a 2/4/8 hour timer for convenient use.

    • Anti-allergen filter
    • ECONAVI economical mode
    • Removes 27L of moisture per day
    • 2/4/8 hour timer
    • Laundry mode
    • Auto dehumidify mode
    • 5L water tank
  • Panasonic 33 Litre Dehumidifier F-YWP33N
    $ 1299.00
    25 Fly Buys points

    The Panasonic 33L W-HEX dehumidifier features ECONAVI, a Super Alleru-buster filter, and an intelligent dryness monitoring system, to create a healthy and comfortable living environment in your home.

    • Anti-allergen filter
    • ECONAVI economical mode
    • Removes 33L of moisture per day
    • 12hr timer
    • 5.2L tank capacity