Panasonic Kitchen whiteware and white appliances

  • Panasonic 551L French Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator NR-CY55CPSAU
    $ 2269.00
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    Price offer ends 3 November 2020.

    With Inverter and Econavi Power-Saving technology, the Panasonic NR-CY55CPSAU Stainless Steel Refrigerator is the optimal refrigerator for your home needs.

  • Panasonic 358L Bottom Mount Refrigerator - Stainless Steel NR-BV360ASAU
    $ 1499.00
    29 Fly Buys points

    The Panasonic NR-BV360ASAU combines PrimeFresh+ and Ag Clean technology with a sleek aesthetic that fits seamlessly with your kitchen arrangement. PrimeFresh+ enables cooling to reach -3C four times faster than standard models, while Ag Clean filters and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.

    • 1. PrimeFresh+ - The BV360 refrigerator reaches -3C four times faster with PrimeFresh+ technology. PrimeFresh+ soft freezes meat and fish, eliminating the need to defrost before cooking or cutting.
    • 2. Ag Clean - Ag Clean thoroughly cleanses air throughout the entire refrigerator. The sliver ions inside the Ag Clean filter eliminate 99.9% of mould and bacteria growth and remove unpleasant odours for a truly fresh experience.
    • 3. ECONAVI - ECONAVI technology detects patterns in appliance usage. Door, internal temperature and external temperature sensors work together to adjust cooling output accordingly.
    • 4. INVERTER - Never on or off, Inverter Technology is like a dimmer switch, increasing and decreasing power as conditions change to maximize power savings.
    • 5. Sliding Half-Shelf Freezer - A 3 layer bottom freezer section with a half folding shelf makes organizing your freezer a breeze.
    • 6. Dedicated Vegetable Compartment - 90% high humidity keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer inside the dedicated vegetable compartment.
  • Panasonic 407L Refrigerator Black Steel NR-BX41CWKAU
    $ 2249.99
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    Experience Panasonic's new 2020 Water Dispensing Refrigerator range with the 407L BX41 Black Steel Bottom-Mount model. The large 407L capacity features an In-door Water Dispenser with a 3L tank and Antibacterial Filter. Inverter & ECONAVI technology optimizes power consumption and responds to usage patterns, while PrimeFresh+ freezes at -3C to retain your food's nutrients and flavour. The Ag Clean antibacterial filter helps deactivate mould and bacteria in your fridge to preserve your items for longer.

    • 407L Capacity
    • In-door Water Dispenser with 3L Tank
    • Inverter & ECONAVI
    • PrimeFresh+
    • Fresh Safe Vegetable Case
    • Ag Clean Antibacterial Filter