Paperlike Tablets

  • The original iPad screen protector for creators and doers. An iPad combined with an Apple Pencil is a powerful tool well suited for almost any challenge. Creating digital art, taking notes in class or a meeting, and even replacing a laptop completely - the iPad is up for it. But one thing still isn't right: drawing or writing on the iPad feels like plastic on glass. It's slippery, unprecise, and quickly tiring. The Paperlike fixes this issue. With its Nanodots surface technology, the Paperlike screen protector provides just the right amount of friction, so the Apple Pencil glides smoothly over the screen. It is built to emulate the feel of a pencil on paper, a feeling coming up short too often in digital work life. With the enjoyable feel of paper the Nanodots surface reduces the typical rainbow effect of matte screen protectors and Pencil tip usage to a minimum.

    • Almost no light diffusion - minimise distracting glare and keep your brilliant display quality!
    • More precision while drawing
    • More legible handwriting
    • Better endurance and less hand tiring
    • Suits iPad 10.2"" (2019)