Polarpro Action Cameras

  • Polarpro Gimbal Lock - Osmo Pocket


    $ 39.99

    The Osmo Pocket Gimbal Lock provides maximum support for your gimbal in transit, allowing you to leave on your favorite PolarPro filters. Keeping a minimalist design in mind, the lock provides a compact option for case-less storage. The contoured pressure fit build makes it easy to install or remove as needed without added stress on the gimbal. Constructed out of rigid reinforced nylon, the Osmo Pocket Lock is guaranteed to survive the most rugged adventures.

    • Fully locks down gimbal for maximum protection in storage
    • Protects camera lens, filter, and LCD screen against dirt, dust, and debris during transit
    • Compatible with DJI Control Wheel, PolarPro Filters, Tripod Mount and Action Mount
    • Quick pull-to-release removal designed to eliminate stress on the gimbal
  • Polarpro WiFi Tripod Adapter - Osmo Pocket


    $ 39.99

    Designed to make the Osmo Pocket Wifi Base tripod compatible enabling you to control your system remotely. The Arca-Swiss quick release system gives the ability to slide into a tripod plate without having to worry about setup time or breakdown, while the 1/4-20 thread presents added versatility and mounting options during a shoot.

    • Dual Mounting Options via 1/4-20 thread or built-in Arca Plate for quick tripod installation
    • Pressure Fit design securely connects tripod adaptor to Wifi Base
    • USB-C Port Access to connect external battery packs for extended use
    • Constructed out of polymers which will not interfere with WiFi signal
  • Polarpro Action Mount - Osmo Pocket


    $ 45.99

    The Osmo Pocket Action Mount expands mounting options, enabling you to create immersive content out in the wild. With its secure frame design, the Action Mount firmly holds the Osmo Pocket in three different mounting orientations. Using the included thumbscrew you can connect to your favorite GoPro Mounts. Constructed with lightweight reinforced nylon, the Action Mount has a sturdy build with minimal weight added.

    • Quickly connect the Osmo Pocket to your favorite GoPro mounts
    • Three mounting positions for added versatility
    • Secure frame design wraps entirely around the Osmo Pocket ensuring it is locked into position
    • Includes a thumbscrew to quickly install and remove
    • The easiest way to connect your Osmo Pocket to handlebars, helmets, backpack mounts or extension poles
  • Polarpro Minimalist Case - Osmo Pocket


    $ 45.99

    A secure case that stays true to the compact Osmo Pocket size and shape. Equipped with both an internal and external mesh pocket, each ideal for additional Osmo Pocket attachments. A built-in carabiner loop allows you to use an existing carabiner to attach this case to any bag or backpack for easy access.

    • Main Compartment Fits: Osmo Pocket, Wifi Module, Control Wheel, and Connectors
    • Expansion Pouch Fits: PolarPro Filter Case
    • Custom compact shape with no excess / dead space
  • Polarpro Tripod Mount - Osmo Pocket


    $ 45.99

    The Osmo Pocket Tripod Mount has dual 1/4"-20 mounts enabling you to attach your favorite tripod or microphone to increase the production value on your next shoot. Compatible with both the Control Wheel and your mobile phone, the tripod mount doesn't hold your Osmo Pocket back.

    • Two 1/4"-20 threads allow you to mount your favorite light or microphone
    • Compatible with the Osmo Pocket Control Wheel or mobile phone
    • Custom frame design wraps around entire body to ensure your Osmo Pocket is locked in
  • Polarpro Polarizer Filter - GoPro


    $ 55.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The PolarPro GoPro Hero7 / Hero6 / Hero5 Black Polarizer filter is a great tool to help you improve image and video quality without spending hours correcting in post. The Hero5 Polarizer is designed to install easily onto your GoPro Hero6 / Hero5 Black and retain a low-profile appearance. The lightweight, low-profile filter construction ensures full compatibility with the GoPro Karma and gimbal. The Polarizer is a simple to use filter that will reduce glare and improve color saturation making your videos pop.

    • Engineered specifically for the HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black Cameras
    • Glass lens for crystal clear optics and scratch resistance
    • Reduces glare, increases color saturation and boosts contrast
    • Low-profile design and lens construction reduces weight
    • Perfect filter for increasing image quality in all bright conditions
    • Compatible with GoPro Karma and Gimbal
  • Polarpro StrapMount - GoPro


    $ 55.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The StrapMount is the perfect mount for capturing immersive POV shots without being constrained by a head or chest harness. Use the StrapMount to securely mount your GoPro to any backpack, scuba BCD, life jacket, or other straps for hands-free filming. Once mounted, the quick-release plate allows you to quickly install/remove your GoPro for convenient camera access. Constructed out of durable glass-filled nylon, this mount will withstand the harshest conditions. The mounting possibilities are endless-from wakeboard ropes to go-cart seat belts-capture angles never before seen with the StrapMount.

    • Compatible with all GoPro Cameras
    • Securely mounts to any backpack, scuba BCD, life jacket or strap
    • Mounts to straps up to 3-inches wide
    • Quickly and easily adjustable with our Quick-Release System
    • Capture epic POV footage without being constrained by a helmet mount or chest harness
    • Constructed out of extremely durable glass-filled nylon
    • Compatible with: Yukon Grip, Fifty Fifty and Karma Gimbal
  • Polarpro Macro Lens - GoPro


    $ 55.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The PolarPro Macro Lens for the GoPro Hero Cameras is made to capture razor sharp, creative close-up shots (subject 5 to 12 inches away). With a +10 diopter, the Macro shifts the GoPro's focal range and focuses the camera on close-up subjects while blurring the foreground and background. Our Macro Lens is a powerful, creative tool to capture new perspectives with your GoPro HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, and HERO5 Black Cameras.

    • Engineered specifically for the HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black Cameras
    • Glass lens for razor-sharp close-up shots
    • +10 diopter reduces the camera's focal point for creative perspectives
    • Secure push-on design for quick removal and installation
  • Polarpro Red Filter - GoPro Super Suit


    $ 55.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The PolarPro Red Filter for the GoPro HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO (2018) Super Suit Housing will color correct your underwater videos providing you with vibrant tropical colors. The Red Filter uses a proprietary red color formula that delivers accurate color correction, designed for filming at depths of 15 to 75 feet in tropical or blue water. Simply push on the Red Filter and watch it turn your overly green videos into beautifully colored tropical masterpieces. Each Red Filter is backed by a lifetime warranty for a lifetime of vibrant underwater videos.

    • Engineered specifically for the HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO (2018) Super Suit Housing (only fits those listed cameras when used with the Super Suit Housing)
    • Proprietary red color formula for flawless color correction
    • Capture vibrant colors in blue or tropical water from 15 to 75 feet deep
    • Secure push-on design is easy to install and remove
  • Polarpro Snorkel Filter - GoPro


    $ 55.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The PolarPro Snorkel Filter allows you to capture vibrant tropical colors without having to edit in post. Simply push on the low-profile Snorkel Filter and press record for epic turtle and reef shots. Utilizing a special color formula to color correct underwater from 2 to 25 feet deep, the sleek design matches the GoPro Hero camera line perfectly and is guaranteed to make your snorkel videos pop.

    • Engineered specifically for the HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black Cameras
    • Helps color correct underwater content from 2 to 25 feet deep
    • Capture vibrant tropical colors without editing
    • Secure push-on design ensures quick installation and removal
    • Sleek, low-profile design
  • Polarpro Filter 3-Pack - Standard Series - Osmo Pocket


    $ 69.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Expand your Osmo Pocket's capabilities and control its shutter speed for a more cinematic look. This enthusiast's set will provide filters for the majority of lighting conditions. The innovative magnetic design allows for easy installation and quick changes while in the field. Each filter's magnet is coated with an anti-scratch layer to avoid any damage to the glass lens.

    • Standard 3-Pack for DJI Osmo Pocket includes ND8, ND16, ND32
    • Machined Aluminum Frame engineered to be lightweight and 100% compatible with the gimbal
    • PolarPro Standard HD glass
    • Connects to the Osmo Pocket via a Magnetic design rated to 35 mph.
  • Polarpro Tripod Kit - Osmo Pocket


    $ 69.99
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    The Osmo Pocket Tripod Kit is designed to provide a lightweight and compact mounting option for run-and-gun to long exposure photography and everything in between. When expanded it ensures a safe firm stance and doubles as a grip when collapsed. The pivotal ball head allows you to capture unique perspectives from a multitude of angles.

    • A compact Tripod base for the Osmo Pocket (includes both the tripod base and Osmo Pocket tripod mount)
    • Tripod measures 8" when collapsed and 6" tall when expanded
    • Integrated pivotal ball head provides 45* of tilt allowing you to fine-tune your camera angle
    • The Tripod system is built to support the weight of full-sized cameras
    • Collapses into a comfortable size to use for hand-held shooting with your Osmo Pocket