PowerPlay Gaming Accessories

  • PowerPlay Gamepad - PS3/PS2/PC


    $ 24.99

    Experience gaming the way its meant to play. From beating thugs in the streets to racing your best friend with the familiar button layout, you'll free right at home with any games you play. Full vibration support gives you gives you even more immersion bringing all games to life! No need to worry about a short cable, the PowerPlay Gamepad includes 3 metres of length allowing you to sit back and relax. The gamepad is compatible with PC, PS2 & PS3.

    • Plug & Play Technology
    • 3 Metre Cable
    • Rumble Function
    • Ergonomic Design
  • PowerPlay PS4 Thumb Grips


    $ 14.99

    Level up your gaming experience with the PowerPlay PS4 Analog Thumb Grips! The grips quickly and easily attach to your PlayStation 4 controller providing added comfort and grip thanks to the non-slip silicone coating and dotted patterns. Featuring two convex and two concave grips, you can mix and match the grips to suit your playstyle. The PowerPlay PS4 Analog Thumb Grips will also protect your stock analog sticks from every day wear and tear adding an extra life to your controller.

    • Mix and match dotted concave and convex grips
    • Adds durability to your PS4 controller
    • Non-slip high-quality silicone
    • Ergonomic fatigue-free design
  • PowerPlay Xbox One Dual Charging Station


    $ 39.99

    Charge up your gaming experience with the PowerPlay Xbox One Dual Controller Charging Station! This double charging base includes an AC adaptor which provides rapid charging as well as two rechargeable batteries that perfectly fit any Xbox One official wireless game controller. Simultaneously store and charge two Xbox One Controllers without the hassle of needing to remove batteries. Gold-plated contacts and gold-plated connectors ensure the best power transmission. The PowerPlay Xbox One Dual Controller Charging Station is the ultimate Xbox accessory for any gamer.

    • Simultaneously store and charge two Xbox One controllers
    • Perfectly fits the Official Xbox One Controller
    • Light bar indicates charging status
    • Gold plated connectors ensure perfect power transfer
    • Connects with an AC adaptor