Pudney & Lee Cables, Chargers and Adapters

  • Pudney & Lee High Speed HDMI Cable Type A Plug to HDMI C(Mini) Plug 1 Metre P1509
    $ 49.99

    The Pudney HDMI cable delivers pristine visual images and supports home theatre surround sound needs to achieve maximum AV viewing and listening experiences.

    • Gold Plated plugs for the best connection
    • Shielded to isolate from outside noise for superior clarity
    • Suitable for connecting a Digital Camera or Digital Camcorder with C plug to a TV, or HD recorder
  • Pudney & Lee 3.5mm Stereo Splitter P1291
    $ 17.99

    Commonly used for sharing a 3.5mm stereo headphone socket between 2 3.5mm stereo headphones

    • 3.5mm male to 2x 3.5mm female
    • Commonly used to share music between two people
  • Pudney & Lee NZ Phone Cord Plug to Socket 4 metres P3705
    $ 9.97

    Commonly used to extend the NZ telephone plug cord to NZ telephone wall socket cable

  • Pudney & Lee USB-A Plug To USB-B Plug V2.01 Metre - Black P1441K
    $ 19.99

    Pudney USB-A Plug To USB-B Plug V2.01 Metre - Black

    • Use to connect a printer,scanner,external hard drive or other PC peripheral to a computer.
    • High speed USB 2.0 connecting devices at up to 480 Mbps.
    • High density,shielded,high intensity twisted pair cable for a stabilized performance.
  • Pudney & Lee Phone Adapter RJ11 Plug to NZ Socket P3703
    $ 12.97

    Commonly used to convert a NZ telephone plug to a RJ11 USA plug

    • Push button release
    • RJ11 Plug
    • NZ Socket
    • Colour: White