Samsung Smart Home Accessories

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub GP-U999SJVLG
    $ 79.99
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    Price offer ends 31 December 2021.

    Bring hundreds of compatible devices like lights and sensors together wirelessly under a single hub that lets you monitor and make them work together in harmony. Personal scene settings like Movie Night let your customised modes keep going even if the internet disconnects.

    • Customise your mode of your routine : Use your personal settings to set your devices to work on their own. Time-based modes you create yourself such as Evening Mode let you shape the atmosphere you want without needing to move by changing the lighting, turning on the music and other devices for the ideal home environment every time.
    • Fits into your home décor : A minimal and unobtrusive design lets you fit the SmartThings Hub into your home environment. The small size and sleek appearance blends in harmoniously with your home so you can set it up in your ideal location to complement your home design.
  • Samsung SmartThings Button GP-U999SJVLEHC
    $ 20.99
    Price offer ends 31 December 2021.

    Slim and just a button in size : At only 41mm in width, SmartThings button fits in to just about anywhere you want to place it and has a charming minimal design that looks great in your home. Simply place it on a flat surface, or attach it to the wall or fridge for a classic button feel.

    • Control your scenes with a single press : Set your smart devices with just one button that goes where you want for quick control without needing an app. Tap, double tap or long press - expand your options beyond just on and off.* With your own pre - set scenes like Play Time and Sleep Mode you can control all your devices with a single press.