Samsung Phone Cables & Chargers

  • Samsung Super Fast Charge 25W Wall Charger Black EP-TA800XBEGAU
    $ 49.99

    Samsung Super Fast Charge 25W Wall Charger Black

  • Samsung Fast Charging Dual Car Charger 45W EP-L5300XBEGWW
    $ 69.99
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    Samsung Dual Car Charger 60W

    • Super Fast Charge 2.0
    • 60W total. Type-C Max. 45W, USB-A Max. 15W
    • Dual Port
    • Metal + PC outer shell
    • Includes 5A Type-C to Type-C cable
  • Samsung Super Fast Wall Charger 45W - Black EP-TA845XBEGAU
    $ 69.99
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    Gets your phone back to 100% in record time. Plug your Galaxy Note10+ into the 45W Travel Adapter to fully charge with incredible speed. More powerful than previous travel adapters, it harnesses the power of Super Fast Charging 2.0 makes sure you're not down for long.

    • Works with your friends' phones too. The 45W Travel Adapter also charges at 15W. So it safely charges your other devices and your friends' Galaxy devices too, even if their Galaxy device doesn't support Super Fast Charging 2.0.
  • Samsung Charger Pad (2019) Black EP-P3105TBEGAU
    $ 89.99
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    Samsung Charger Pad (2019) Black

  • Samsung Wireless Charger Stand 15W - Black EP-N5200TBEGAU
    $ 119.99
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    Compact, powerful ways to recharge your phone fast

    • Wireless Charger Stand harnesses Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 to quickly recharge your phone, propping it up at an optimal angle so you can continue chatting, watching, or gaming.
  • Samsung Ultra Fast Duo Pad - Black EP-P5200TBEGAU
    $ 159.99
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    Wireless Charger Duo Pad quickly recharges your Galaxy S10 with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 while charging Galaxy Watch Active at the same time.