• Samsung 60cm Pyrolytic Wall Oven NV70K3370BS
    $ 1399.00
    27 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 16 March 2021.

    This model features Samsung?s innovative Dual Fans, which spin opposite ways to spread heat evenly throughout the oven, ensuring all of your dishes are cooked to perfection, at the same temperature and speed. The powerful Pyrolytic cleaning system keeps your oven clean without any time-consuming scrubbing. It heats the oven cavity to burn off anygrease and residue left from cooking, leaving only a few ashes to wipe away.

    • 20 cooking functions
    • 70L capacity
  • Samsung 60cm Dual Cook Flex Door Oven NV75N7647RS
    $ 1899.00
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    Price offer ends 16 March 2021.

    Enjoy complete flexibility to cook multiple dishes with the hinged flexible door. Just open the top half to use the upper zone for smaller meals. This makes it easier to access the upper zone while cooking different foods without excessive heat loss in the lower zone. Also, you can open the entire door when using the whole oven.

    • H 595 x W 595 x D 570mm
    • 75L Catalytic Convection Oven
    • Dual Cook with Flex Door
    • Double Glazed Door
    • Ice Blue LED Display
    • A Telescopic Rail slides in and out smoothly with hardly any effort, even if you're using large pans or heavy dishes. So you can keep on basting, turning and seasoning your food - without any mess or spills.
    • Use less energy and waste less heat preparing smaller meals. You only need to open the top half door to access the upper zone. It means you can efficiently use the Dual Cook system to cook in half of the oven, which uses 21% less energy compared to heating up the whole oven. It's ideal for smaller grill items, pizzas, frozen food or instant meals.