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  • Sheffield 12L Electronic Dehumidifier


    $ 249.99
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    Create that healthier home environment with this highly efficient dehumidifier with additional ionic functionality. Highly portable with a soft touch control panel, the adjustable electronic humidistat, auto-defrost function and bucket full operation allow for easy operation. These features along with an ON/OFF timer, energy efficiency and quiet operation make this unit a great all around performer.

    • Lightweight portable design
    • Removes up to 12L of moisture per day
    • Additional ionic functionality
    • Low temperature operation with automatic defrost
    • Adjustable humidistat
    • On/Off timer
    • Quiet energy efficient operation
    • Continuous drainage port
    • 2L water tank
  • Sheffield 10 Litre Electronic Dehumidifier


    now $ 178.00
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    Price offer ends 30 July 2019.
    Hot Price. Offer ends 30 July 2019.

    Combat dampness in the air with the Sheffield 10 Litre Electronic Dehumidifier. This unit features a 2 litre water tank and is able to remove 10 litres of moisture per day, keeping your room dry and comfortable. It has the option of continuous drainage and operates quietly, so you can enjoy the benefits of a dehumidifier without background noise.

    • 2 litre water tank
    • Adjustable humidistat
    • Low temperature operation with automatic defrost
    • On/Off Timer
    • Quiet energy efficient operation
    • Continuous drainage port
    • Removes up to 10 litres per day
    • Lightweight portable design
  • Sheffield Midi Dehumidifier


    $ 99.99
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    The Sheffield Midi Dehumidifier will keep the air in your home dry. This dehumidifier has a 2-litre water tank and is able to remove 0.5 litres of moisture per day for a dry environment. Operating quietly, it lets you enjoy the advantages of a dehumidifier without the extra noise. It has a carry handle and an automatic switch-off function, which will turn off the dehumidifier once the water tank is full. With a compact design, this unit will fit into tighter spaces around the house.

    • Compact, light and portable
    • 2L water tank capacity
    • DC power cord for multi-purpose use
    • Removes up to 500ml of moisture per day
    • Quiet thermoelectric operation
    • Auto switch off when full
    • Water level indicator
    • On/Off indicator light
    • Carry handle