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  • Simpson 8kg Top Load Washing Machine


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    Care for your clothes and keep them clean and fresh with the 8kg Top Load Washing Machine. Featuring an 8 kg laundry capacity, it will provide you with plenty of space for larger loads. This washer has a stainless steel construction to resist scratching caused by metal zippers and buttons. Designed with a 20-minute timed program for small loads, it enables you to wash when you're in a rush. This washer has 11 programs and features quick wash and "save favourite" options. It has a 3-star water rating and a 3-star energy rating, minimising your home's energy consumption.

    • H 1076 x W 670 X D 680mm
    • Quick 20 minutes program for small loads
    • Auto water level sensing
    • A control panel that is easy to use
    • Save your favourite program
    • Soft closing lid
    • Agitator wash action
    • Delay end option to plan when your wash finishes
    • Time remaining display
    • No mess detergent drawer
  • Simpson 6kg Top Load Washing Machine


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    Simpson takes the fuss out of doing the laundry, so you can spend your time doing the more important things in life. You will open and shut the lid of your washing machine thousands of times. So the EZI Set washing machine features a redesigned lid that is not only stylish but also durable. It will easily withstand a basket full of wet towels thrown on top. Sometimes you just need to get a few things clean fast and that's where the super Quick 20 minute program comes in handy. The Daily 45 minute program is ideal of your regular loads. Designed to treat your clothes with the care they deserve, the gentle drum has thousands of holes to enhance the water flow rate so that detergent dissolves faster. This improves effectiveness and ensures a deeper clean.

    • H 975 x W 575 x D 642mm
    • Fast wash program
    • Delay end option
    • Gentle drum
    • Delicates wash program
    • Reduce wash time option
    • 3.5 star water rating
    • 2.5 star energy rating
  • Simpson 10kg Top Load Washing Machine


    now $ 1168.00
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    After 30% Off. Price offer ends 2 June 2020.

    Trust the 10kg Top Load Washing Machine to keep your garments clean. This top-load washer has Simpson's ActiveBoost technology to combine detergent and water in a separate chamber before spraying on your clothes. The drum has agitator wash action, efficiently circulating the water for a deeper clean. Featuring a stainless steel construction, it will be more durable. This washer is designed with a time adjust function and has 11 cycles, providing enhanced customisation options. Made with a 10 kg laundry capacity, it will provide you with ample space for larger loads. It features auto water level sensing and delay end option mechanisms. This laundry machine boasts a 3.5-star water rating, a 4-star energy rating and an eco-rinse option to save considerable amounts of water.

    • H 1076 x W 670 x D 680mm
    • ActiveBoost technology
    • Time adjust
    • Quick 20 minute wash program
    • Inverter motor
    • Agitator wash action
    • Auto water level sensing
    • Easy to use control panel
    • No mess detergent drawer