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  • Spark SPACETALK Kids Smartwatch Pink 124106
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    Knowing your kids are safe. There's no better feeling.It's a fact - modern families are busier than ever. Changes to our schedules and school pick-up plans mean parents and kids need to be in constant contact. SPACETALK is an all-in-one phone, watch and GPS that's always with your child. Stay conveniently connected to your kids by voice and message and relax knowing that they can only make and receive calls to the contacts you decide.

    • Keep in touch: Your kid can call, voice message and send emojis to a contact list you choose.
    • Check on your kids: When your kid's at school or a mate's place, you can check on their location using the AllMyTribe app on your phone
    • Social media free: While your kid can contact you via calls and messages, there's no option to use social media
    • Splash and dust resistant: The watch is resistant to small splashes and dust, but check your kid has taken the watch off before they shower or go for a swim.
    • A torch: The Spacetalk kids watch has a torch that light your kid's way around a dark room.
    • Send an SOS alert: In an emergency, there's a button on the side of the watch. When held, an SOS alert will go to all the contacts on your kid's watch, letting everyone know there's a problem.
    • Set a safe zone: Choose an area, such as school or home, as a safe zone. When your kid leaves this are, you'll get an alert straight to your phone letting you know they're on the move.