Sunbeam Small Kitchen Appliances

  • Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie 2 Up GR6250
    $ 129.99
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    With deeper and larger plates to fit more filling and larger bread slices, Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie for 2 fits the extra filling fits 2 sandwiches, creating 4 chunky triangle toasties so there's more to share, or more for yourself.

    • 1200 watts
    • Non-stick coating simply wipe clean with a damp cloth
    • Extra deep and larger dishes to fit extra filling
    • Cuts each sandwich into 2 triangles then seals the edges
  • Sunbeam Alinea Kettle Black KE2700K
    $ 159.99
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    Freshen up your kitchen with the new Alinea Collection. The luxurious chalky matte finish will add a touch of style to your kitchen, without the need for a renovation.

    • Fast Boil
    • Concealed Elements
    • 360° base
    • Rear full length water window
  • Sunbeam Schott Capri Glass Kettle 1.7L KE6150
    $ 159.99
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    Quieter boil, One Touch Fill and Fast Boil Element

    • QUIETER BOIL Heat resistant glass gives ultimate visibility during boiling whilst reducing noise. The blue illumination, provides a gentle glow whilst boiling
    • ONE TOUCH FILL Handle activated lid release button for easy filling
    • FAST BOIL ELEMENT 2200 watt element enables fast heating and is concentrated in the kettle base for easy cleaning
  • Sunbeam Pie Magic Traditional 4 Up PM4800
    $ 169.99
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    Make your own delicious pie quickly and easily. Simply use pastry and any pre-cooked filling even left overs, to create sweet or savoury pies. The perfect solution for dinners, desserts and get together. It's also the perfect size to heat up store brought pies. It truly is as easy as pie.

    • Unique pie maker that makes 4 of the larger traditional size pies
    • 120x42mm pie
    • Makes a traditional size pie in 12-15 minutes
    • Extra deep base and top plates, make generous, golden pies with extra filling
    • Sized to also heat frozen or thawed store brought pies
    • Non-stick, easy clean plates
    • Bonus pastry cutter
    • Designed and engineered in Australia by Sunbeam
  • Sunbeam Quantum Stainless Kettle KE6310
    $ 129.99
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    The Sunbeam Quantum Stainless Steel Kettle 1.7L features a brushed stainless steel, an illuminated switch and a 360° swivel base with a concealed element

    • 1.7 litre
    • 2200 watts
    • Brushed stainless steel
    • Illuminated switch
    • Handle activated lid
    • 360° base
    • Concealed element
  • Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand Mixer White JMP1000WH
    $ 89.99
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    • Hand mixer with 2 attachments
    • 2 x V-Groove beaters
    • 2 x dough hooks
    • Stainless steel dishwasher safe attachments
    • 6 speeds
    • Burst of power - for serious mixing tasks
    • Storage case for mixer and all attachments
  • Sunbeam Can Opener CA2800
    $ 79.99
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    The open all is easy to use with an automatic operation, opening a variety of sized cans in 3 easy steps. Simply lift the lever and position the blade inside the rim of the can. Press the lever down automatically stop when the can is fully opened.

    • Can opener and knife sharpener
    • Magnetic lid holder
    • Removable lever
  • Sunbeam Alinea Select 4 Slice Toaster Black TA2840K
    $ 279.99
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    Different bread types have varying densities which require different cook times. The toast profile will alter depending on the length of time you toast for and whether you're toasting gluten free, sour dough, white, brown or grain bread, or even crumpets. AlineaTM Select Bread Select Toaster combines elegant form with Select technology so that you can select your bread type and enjoy perfect toast and crumpets everyday.

    • Bread Select Toaster: Choose between 6 types of bread for perfect toast: White,
    • Grain, Brown / Rye, Sourdough, Crumpet and Fruit bread
    • Gluten Free button adjusts toasting time to perfectly toast gluten free bread
    • QuickCheckTM: Check the browning progress without interrupting the toasting cycle. Simply lift the lever and have a quick look.
    • 9 browning Settings: choice of 9 browning settings to toast to perfection.
    • Hi Lift Lever: Small Crumpets and muffins can be easily removed
    • Dual Controls: And with dual controls, you can toast 2 or 4 slices at different browning levels to toast just the way you like it.
    • Luxurious chalky matte finish to add a touch of style to your kitchen, without the need for a renovation.
  • Sunbeam NutriOven CO3000
    now $ 94.00
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    after 5% Off. Price offer ends 21 September 2021.

    Cooking gourmet meals is easy with this versatile convection oven

    • 6 functions: bake, roast, steam, grill, dry fry and toast
    • Multi use 11 litre convection oven with an in-built fan
    • Incudes low rack, high rack, tongs, baking dish and lid holder
    • Easily wash the glass bowl in the machine itself or dishwasher
    • Heat shield added to unit
    • Variable temperature control to 240°C
    • Food cooks evenly with little need for oils. Excess fat drains away
  • Sunbeam Rice Cooker + Saute 10 RCP4000SV
    $ 149.99
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    The unique Sunbeam Rice Cooker + Sauté, has an exclusive sauté function, which allows you to prepare various recipes like pasta, couscous, stews and fried rice all in the one appliance. The simple and efficient rice cooker has a large 10 cup capacity which is ideal for large families or gatherings!

    • 20 cup cooked rice capacity, 1.8L - perfect for large families and gatherings
    • 3 in 1 - rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan
    • Removable non-stick coating inner pot
    • Automatically switches to keep warm mode - maintains food at the right temperature until ready to be served
    • Accessories: steamer tray, measuring cup, rice paddle
    • 12 month replacement warranty
  • Sunbeam Barista Max Black EM5300K
    $ 999.99
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    Introducing Sunbeam Barista Max, a new, at-home espresso machine with an integrated grinder. This all-in-one machine brings together everything you need to easily make great-tasting, café-style coffee at home.

    • Tap & GoTM Integrated Grinder
    • Exclusive Tap & GoTM technology allows an easy, on-demand one-touch grind system to deliver fresh beans for every cup. The conical burr grinder achieves consistent grind particle size and the 30 adjustable grind settings will maximise the flavour of your coffee.
    • TempIQ Shot ContTM
    • The exclusive Temp°IQ Shot ControlTM 3-way system combines a fast heat-up Thermoblock, gentle pre-infusion for even extraction and advanced PID controller to regulate and deliver optimal, consistent temperature that all work together to create a great tasting coffee.
    • 58mm Café-size Group Head
    • Inspired by café machines, the Barista Max uses a 58mm group head. This wider size ensures the coffee grinds are more evenly spread in the filter basket, extracting the maximum amount of flavour.
    • Powerful Steam Wand
    • The powerful café-style steam wand creates velvety micro foam milk for delicious lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos.
  • Sunbeam Specialty Brew Coffee Maker PC8100
    $ 199.99
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    Enjoy great coffee simply made with the new Sunbeam Specialty Brew Drip Filter Coffee Machine an easy to use coffee maker that makes consistently better tasting coffee. The Specialty Brew Drip Filter Coffee Machine features an easy color coded measuring system on the scoop, carafe and water reservoir, making it simple to add the right amount of coffee and water every time. It also includes a 2 step Advanced Water Filtration System that improves taste by removing impurities in water and an Illuminated 4 Hour Freshness Indicator that tells you how long it's been since the coffee was brewed.

    • Easy Measure colour coded measuring system
    • 4 Hour Brew Freshness Indicator
    • Advanced Water Filtration System
    • Programmable LED Display
    • Brew Now and Brew Later options with cleaning cycle
    • 4 Hour Shut Off automatically turns off the coffeemaker
    • Drip Free, No Mess Carafe pours coffee perfectly every time
    • Grab a cup auto pause