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  • Twelve South MagicBridge 12-1633
    now $ 47.99
    20% off while stocks last, price shown reflects discount. Offer ends 27 October 2020.

    It's no illusion. It's the ultimate Keyboard + Trackpad setup for your Mac. MagicBridge connects your Apple Wireless Keyboard and your Magic Trackpad 2, creating a one - piece control surface that lets you type and swipe more efficiently. Connecting your keyboard and trackpad brings everything together, like a MacBook. It works like magic, without the hocus - pocus. Organizes desk and creates a tidy two - in - one combo Positions trackpad on either left or right of keyboard. Easy access to power switches and Lightning ports for charging. Works with Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 (not included).

    • Separated at birth, reconnected by a bridge : Ever notice the Wireless Keyboard & Trackpad 2 look like they were supposed to go together? By connecting these profile twins, you'll create one larger keyboard that's much easier to use than the smaller pieces by themselves. Also, when your trackpad is predictably beside your keys - you can find it with your fingers without looking down. Touch - typing is now Touch - tracking. Cleaner, faster, more stable control. Now that's magic.
    • Righties? Lefties? All are welcome : One key feature that sets MagicBridge apart from the competition is the ability to place your trackpad to the left or right of your wireless keyboard. Pretty important for optimizing any setup. Already have a favorite pointing device? Add a Trackpad on the other side for simultaneous gesture control at your fingertips. The precisely engineered grill on the back provides complete access to charging ports and power switch - in either left or right configuration.
    • In control on your desk - or in your lap : MagicBridge creates a one - piece keyboard/trackpad combo that is right at home controlling your Mac - based Home Theater in your lap (and unlike the previous version, the Force Touch Trackpad delivers all the feedback you need). In the conference room control your Keynote presentation like a boss. If you like to put your feet up on the desk and your keyboard on your lap at work, you'll love this product.
    • Design details and materials make all the difference : MagicBridge is precision crafted in matte white polycarbonate - by far the best material for the job. It is feather - light and doesn't block Bluetooth signals. When you look down, its white frame seamlessly integrates with the matte white keyboard and trackpad. MagicBridge has silicone pads on the inside to protect your keyboard and trackpad, and silicone feet underneath to protect your desk. Once you have MagicBridge, you'll wonder how you lived without it. NOTE: Keyboard & Track pad not included.