Uniden Baby Monitors

  • Uniden BW130 Baby Audio Monitor With Temperature BW130
    $ 89.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Digital wireless baby audio monitor with temperature display

    • Room temperature display
    • LCD display with temperature alerts
    • Secure crystal clear audio
    • Portable parent unit
    • DECT digital technology for interference free audio
    • High sensitivity microphone with sound indicator
  • Uniden BW3001 Baby Monitor BW3001
    $ 249.99
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    2.3" Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor

    • Monitor the safety of your children
    • See and hear your child
    • Secure digital crystal clear wireless solution
    • Temperature Display with Temperature Range Alert
    • Selection of Lullabies to play to your baby
    • "Walkie Talkie" Function which give you the ability to talk back to your baby to calm and assure the baby
    • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Uniden Additional Camera for Baby Monitor BW31PTZ BW31PTZ
    $ 199.99
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    Optional Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera for BW 3451R Series Baby Monitor. From the range of GOLD award winning baby monitors, introducing the latest digital baby monitor camera, BW 31PTZ. Uniden's new wireless solution is designed to monitor the safety of your baby or kids playing. Exceptionally user-friendly and high quality digital encrypted monitoring system, the BW 31PTZ will be your new best friend and give you peace of mind so you can hear your baby.

    • Monitor the safety of your Children with Uniden's Baby Watch APP
    • Secure digital crystal clear wireless solution
    • Walkie talkie function
    • Zoom, pan & tilt capabilities
    • Auto scan or individual views
    • VOX (Voice activated) record and alarm feature
    • Night vision