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  • Microsoft Surface Accessories + Wacom Bamboo Stylus - Ice Blue

    • 1 x Surface Pro Signature Type Cover - Ice Blue
    • 1 x Surface Arc Bluetooth Mouse - Ice Blue
    • 1 x Wacom Bamboo Stylus
  • Wacom Bamboo Ink Stylus - Black CS-321A/K0-C
    $ 129.99
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    Enjoy new and smart ways to capture your ideas naturally and easily, Bamboo Ink lets you keep your head free for your thoughts and building fresh ideas.

    • Optimized for Windows Ink - Press the top button on your Bamboo Ink to launch the Windows Ink Workspace or to jot down notes and ideas with the pre-installed Sticky Notes, sketchpad, screen sketch or other pen-optimized apps like Bamboo Paper.
    • Keeping your mind free for your ideas - Bamboo Ink is a pen - the most intuitive and natural tool you can use to write, sketch and annotate. Three different nib types - soft, medium and firm - allow for a personalized, authentic on-screen feel. And its pressure sensing turns every stroke with Bamboo Ink into a precise digital reflection of your ideas.
    • Comfortable in-hand feel - Whether you take notes, sketch ideas or mark documents, thanks to Bamboo Ink's ergonomic triangular profile and the soft-touch surface you can work with a comfortable and balanced in-hand feel for hours of use.
    • Take the shortcut - Speed up your work and save time for making and shaping more fresh ideas thanks to two side buttons for customized shortcut functions (depending on your PC / device).
    • One pen for many devices - Bamboo Ink works with a broad range of pen-enabled devices. The stylus is preset for the Wacom AES protocol. If you're using a device with Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP), simply press and hold both side buttons for two seconds for switching.