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  • Zagg Invisible Shield Ultra VisionGuard Samsung S20 Screen


    $ 49.99

    Ultra VisionGuard protects your screen from scratches and impact and your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light which causes digital eye strain.

    • Protect Your Eyes - and Your Phone : Ultra VisionGuard provides tough impact protection and an Eyesafe layer that blocks harmful HEV blue light which can contribute to digital eye strain. And Ultra VisionGuard won't distort the color performance of your screen. Its glass - like surface accentuates the sharp, vibrant colors of your display, so you get clear, reliable, safe protection for your device and your eyes.
    • Ultra Shatter Protection : We've made the Ultra screen protector stronger than ever. Powerful components that were originally designed to protect military helicopter blades now provide edge - to - edge protection for your phone's display.
    • Preserves the True Colors of Your Screen : Ultra VisionGuard maintains the superior color performance of your phone's display. Instead of removing blue light entirely which can cause a yellow tint, VisionGuard has been expertly engineered to remove the most harmful high - energy visible (HEV) blue light while maintaining the brilliant look of your screen.
    • Self - healing Nano - Memory Technology : Ultra VisionGuard is scientifically formulated with smart molecules to heal minor scratches and dings, over and over again. Use your phone confidently, knowing the self-healing technology will maintain your screen's smooth, clear surface.
    • Protective Eyesafe Layer : The Eyesafe technology in VisionGuard protects your eyes from blue light which can contribute to digital eye strain. By blocking harmful wavelengths of light before they leave your screen, VisionGuard is an easy choice for those who care about their eyes.
    • Glass - like Surface with Touch Sensitivity : A high - gloss finish has been added to the Ultra VisionGuard screen protector so it looks and feels like your phone's own screen. And its meticulous design preserves touch sensitivity so your phone responds to every tap and swipe.