Clocks & Weather Stations

  • The Tesa WS1151 Weather Station has a wide range of weather functions giving excellent value for money for those just wanting to basic details through the accurate details on the weather situation through to trends in the weather. Battery operated and wireless transmission.

    • Transmits indoor/outdoor temperature (°F or °C) and indoor/outdoor humidity (%RH)
    • Records min/max temperatures and humidity
    • Barometric pressure 24-hour history graph (in Hg or hPa)
    • Barometric pressure tendency arrow
  • Conveniently check the weather forecast clock in your own home or office with this easy to operate weather station. Includes a clock function, an alarm and also provides Temperature and Humidity readingsand records.

    • Visual weather symbols
    • Temperature in C/F
    • Alarm with snooze
    • Moonphase, 12/24 hour
    • Min/max temperature and humidity records
  • The Endeavour Plant Monitoring Station helps care for your plants by providing moisture level, temperature of the soil and the surrounding air for a plant inside or outside. The provided plant reference guide makes it easier to look after your plant.

    • Watering alert display and alarm setting
    • Digital clock with daily alarm
    • Indoor and outdoor air temperature
    • Soil moisture
    • Soil temperature
  • Fast 4 second updates in wireless mode.

    • Barometric Pressure with 12 Hr. History Graph (hpa / inHg) with MIN/MAX
    • Wireless Outdoor Temperature with MIN/MAX Time and Date Records (°F/°C)
    • Wireless Outdoor Humidity with MIN/MAX Time and Date Records (%RH)
    • Indoor Temperature (°F/°C)

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