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  • Endeavour 5 Metre Piggyback Extension Lead - White PB0510W
    $ 19.99

    This 5 meter piggyback extension lead is both durable and versatile. Piggyback leads have an extra socket in the plug, this allows you to continue using your wall socket while also using the extension lead

    • 5M Ordinary Duty Cable (1.00mm2)
    • Max Load 10Amp, 2400W
    • Low Profile Side Entry Plug with Safety Insulated Pins
  • Pudney & Lee Tosslink Fibre optic Audio to Stereo RCA Converter P18012
    $ 69.99
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    The Pudney Toslink Fibre Optic Audio to Stereo Converter lets you convert a toslink digital signal into an analog left/right stereo audio output signal

    • Converts fibre optic audio output to RCA
    • Supports SPDIF 24bits of data for the left and right channel
    • Powered by 5V USB power source (usb cable supplied only)
    • Colour: Black
  • Endeavour Stereo Cable 3.5mm Plug to 3.5mm Plug 2 Metre CAC244-2M-NLG
    $ 19.99

    Endeavour Stereo Cable 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug - 2m

    • Connects to AUX input
  • Endeavour HDMI 2.0 Cable - 10m NLG-HDR10
    $ 99.99
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    Endeavour HDMI cable 10m

    • 10 metres
  • Endeavour Premium 3.5mm cable 1.5m DC22
    $ 24.99

    Give your music a little more respect- Now you can connect your iPad, iPod, Smartphone, MP3 players and other audio sources which have a standard headphone jack to the stereo 3.5mm input of a car stereo, home stereo, computer etc.

    • 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo plug
    • Convenient 1.5m length
    • 24k gold plated copper contact to resist corrosion and for optimum connection and maximum signal transfer
    • Malleable and fexible cable for ease of installation
    • Strand TC conductor for ultimate conductivity
    • Highly TC braiding shielded to completely reject EMI & RFI
    • Made from RoHS environmentally friendly material
  • Endeavour Coaxial TV Socket to Socket Adapter BST143326
    $ 9.99

    Coaxial TV Socket to Socket Adapter

    • Used for joining two coaxial flyleads plug to plug
  • Endeavour Connector set BST134949
    $ 7.99

    3.5mm Connector Set

    • 3.5mm 10cm extension cable
    • 3.5mm 2-way splitter
    • 3.5mm AUX cable
  • Endeavour Outbound Travel Adaptor - USA, Canada, Japan, Philippines AU2USE
    $ 16.99

    International Travel adaptor converts Australian and New Zealand plugs to fit sockets in the USA, Canada, Japan, Philippines and more.

    • For AU/NZ Travelers going to USA, Canada, Japan, Philippines and more
    • Max Loading 10A, 250V
    • Ideal for use with portable electronic devices
    • Please note this is not a Voltage converter
    • Earthed
  • Endeavour F-Type (Satellite) Twist-on Plugs BST143320
    $ 9.99

    F-Type (Satellite) Twist-on Plugs

  • Endeavour Plug-Through Dual USB Wall Charger with Surge Protection MAUSB24-ES
    $ 29.99

    Endeavour Plug-Through Adaptor with dual USB Ports (2.4Amp) and Surge Protection, perfect for all your Smart Phone or Tablet Charging needs. Compact and portable, simply plug into a standard AU/NZ 10Amp wall socket.

    • 2 x USB Ports - Total output 2.4A
    • 1 x AC Outlet (10A, 2400W Max)
    • Surge Protection
    • Overload Protection
    • LED Power on Indicator Light
  • Endeavour Universal Travel Adaptor for visitors to AU/NZ INT2AUE
    $ 19.99

    International Travel adaptor for Visitors arriving in Australia and New Zealand, converts most international plugs for use in AU/NZ.

    • For Travelers arriving in New Zealand or Australia
    • Two worldwide outlets - One for UK, US travellers. One for US, EU travellers.
    • Suitable for plugs from UK, US, ITALY, JAPAN, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and more
    • Max Loading 10A, 240V
    • Ideal for use with portable electronic devices
    • Please note this is not a Voltage converter
    • Earthed
  • Belkin Single Surge Protector with 2 USB Ports BSV103AU
    $ 49.99

    The Belkin single outlet surge protectors with 2 USB ports provide extra outlets and power extension from wall outlets. Compared to regular power strips. Protects valuable electronics from damaging power surges, therefore, offer additional peace of mind

    • Surge protector
    • Single outlet with 2 USB ports
    • LED light indicates while charging
    • Limited lifetime warranty