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  • Pudney & Lee Coaxial (UHF) Plug to Plug Coupler


    $ 9.99

    Commonly used for joining two coaxial flyleads socket to socket

    • Coaxial male to male
  • OMP Strap Safety Kit for up to 60" Flat Panel TV's


    $ 29.99

    Make any room a safe environment with the anti-tip tether strap designed to reduce the risk of flat panel televisions being accidentally tipped or knocked forwards.

    • Durable polypropylene adjustable strap with connectors securely attaches to the back of the television (mounting holes) and either to the back of your furniture (glass shelf or wooden cabinet) or screwed into the wall, works with up to 60" flat panel televisions, easy installation
  • Pudney & Lee 3.5mm Plug to Socket - 2m


    $ 24.99

    Commonly used for extending the length of the headphone cable when connected to a phone, ipod, mp3 player, amplifier, hi-fi system or other stereo device

    • 3.5mm male to female
    • For use with 3.5mm compatible devices
    • Used for extending a 3.5mm cable
    • 2m length
  • Elto EMA1 Power Meter


    $ 14.99

    Elto Power Meter measures an appliances power usage, displays voltage, current, power, power used & cost

    • 240V 50Hz
    • Max Load 10A 2400W
    • Battery 3x 1.5V
    • KWh Display
    • Current Display
    • Voltage Display
    • Power Display
  • Pudney & Lee Coxial Plug to Socket


    $ 9.99

    Pudney Coaxial Plug to F Socket Adaptor

    • Commonly used to convert a standard socket TV flylead to a F type socket connector
  • Pudney & Lee High-Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable with Ethernet - 3m


    $ 49.99

    HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) delivers the highest quality digital picture and digital sound that your equipment can deliver

    • HDMI male to male
    • For HDMI devices such as TVs, Blu-ray players etc.
    • Ethernet pass-through allows network connection across multiple devices
    • Gold plated plugs for the best connection
    • 3m length
  • Samsung One Invisible Connection - 15m (Supports 8K TV)


    $ 349.99
    6 Fly Buys points

    Samsung One Invisible Connection minimizes clutter and uses a single cable to connect your TV to various sources, including the power cable

    • Minimizes clutter: Make space for your interior
    • One Connect Box: Connect all your devices to the One Connect Box
    • Hide all your device connections with the One Invisible Connection
    • Comparable with select Q900R 65" 75" 82" & 85" and Q90R 82" TVs
    • Support 8K TVs
  • Belkin Advanced Series Digital Coaxial Audio Cable - 5m


    $ 59.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    This Digital Coaxial Cable will provide a digital audio connection to TVs, A/V receivers, game consoles and DVD players. It features a 24k gold-plated connectors for a precise connection and optimal signal transfer.

    • 5m length
    • Protects against EM and RF interference using double-shielding
    • Maximizes solid contact surface using split-tip center pin and 6-cut RCA connectors
    • 24k gold plating provides corrosion resistance and durability
  • DDS Digital Remote Control Extender


    $ 129.99
    2 Fly Buys points

    Wireless Infrared Remote Control Extender enables you to extend the range of your present Infrared Remote Control so that you can operate DVDs, Stereos, Satellite etc virtually anywhere in the house.

    • Full range IR carrier
    • 100m transmission distance
    • 3 IR transmission probes
  • Generic 4 Way Optical Splitter


    $ 149.99
    2 Fly Buys points

    Supports 1x optical in and 4x optical out

  • Pudney & Lee HDMI Pivot-connector V1.4b type A plug to type A plug - 2m


    $ 69.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The pudney p596 hdmi pivot-connector (version 1.4b cable) is fully certified, approved & suitable for connecting your flat panel television to a dvd player, home theater receiver or any other device that uses hdmi connection the pivot-connector is ideal when there is limited space behind an audio/video component such as a slim-line flat panel television mounted on a low-profile wall mount

    • audio return channel
    • ethernet
    • 3D capability