Body Benefits

  • Body Benefits Percussive Massage Gun CBKM001A
    $ 359.99
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    A percussive therapy device is a personal use recovery tool, allowing users enjoy the below benefits at home and on-the-go

    • Stimulates blood flow which assists in releasing built up lactic acid and accelerating recovery.  
    • Speeds up muscle repair and reduces inflammation, providing relief from delayed onset muscle soreness.  
    • Natural stress reliever, relaxing your muscles by releasing tension and knots.
    • Help improve your mobility and flexibility within days.
    • Improved sports performance as helps increase power and performance, which makes the muscles more flexible and efficient.
  • Body Benefits Massaging Back & Seat Cushion CBM1RBA
    $ 99.99
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    Massaging back and seat cushion. Perfect for home, office or car.

    • Perfect for home, office or car
    • Battery operated for cordfree convenience (batteries not included)
    • 3 Separate zones to massage your back - upper, lower left and lower right
    • Access push button controls attached
    • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Body Benefits Relaxation Massage Mat Pack with Heat CBM29SA
    $ 199.99
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    Experience the comfort on your own personalised massage with the Body Benefits relaxation Massage Mat Pack.

    • 4 massage programs and 3 intensity levels
    • 4 personalised zone controls
    • Soothing heat for targeted relief
    • Soft quilted feel with in-built pillow
    • Integrated push-touch hand controller
    • Storage pouch for hand controller whilst not in use
    • Autmatic safety cut-off system
  • Body Benefits Vibrating Massage Mat CBKM1500A
    $ 319.99
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    10 Invigorating Vibrating Massage Motors provide a rejuvenating and relaxing massage experience

    • 5 Massage Modes allows the user to select the mode that best suits their massage needs
    • Rubbing, Kneading, Flapping, Pushing and Light Tapping
    • 4 Targeted Massage Zones allows the user to target areas of muscle tension or soreness:
    • Neck, Back, Hips, Buttocks/Thighs
    • 3 Intensity Settings to provide a personalised massage experience - Low (L) / Medium (M) / High(H)
    • Heating Function for stimulating blood circulation.
    • Auto Shut Off for safety and also informs users of the completion of a recommended
    • session time.
    • 15 minutes when the warming function is not being used
    • 30 minutes when the warming function is being used.
  • Body Benefits Fog Free Mirror CBE41808A
    $ 59.99
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    Fog Free technology so you can always see clearly

    • Suction cups to stick to shower wall
    • Shatterproof for peace of mind
    • Compact, perfect for travel
    • Sleek matte black finish