• DJI Phantom 4 Pro - ND4 Filter (Obsidian)


    $ 49.99

    pecifically made for the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian, this ND filter reduces the amount of light coming into the sensor. It gives you the freedom to create your own work by allowing more control of the camera's aperture, exposure time and sensor sensitivity settings. Put more simply, the ND filter helps avoid overexposed photos.

    • The ND4 filter allows 1/4 of incoming light through, equal to a 2-stopfilter.
    • Compatibility: Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian
  • DJI Racing Goggles Edition


    $ 959.00
    19 Fly Buys points

    DJI Goggles just got better looking and more powerful, so you can experience FPV racing in style and without traditional restraints. Precisely engineered for racing, DJI Goggles RE are compatible with an OcuSync video transmission module and a high-performance camera module, which work together to transmit digital video signal from up to 7 km away with latency as low as 50 ms,1 in addition to analog signal

    • Faster HD FPV Racing
    • DJI Goggles RE uses a 1/3" image sensor
    • Ultimate control for boundless flight
    • Multiple antennas for every flight
    • Wide-ranging applications
    • Play videos in a variety of different formats, including MP4, MOV, andMKV
    • View 6K 360-degree panoramas
    • Compatible with the Mavic Pro, Spark, Phantom 4 Series and Inspire 2
  • DJI Inspire 2 - Quick Release Propellers (High Altitude)


    $ 39.99

    The Quick Release Propellers (for high-altitude operations) improve the performance of the Inspire 2 at high-altitude (2500-5000m) locations. A larger propeller pitch increases the aircraft's propulsion force at altitudes with thinner air.

    • Includes a pair of propellers
    • One clockwise replacement propeller
    • One counter-clockwise replacement propeller
    • No warranty falls under consumable parts
  • DJI Ronin-SC Focus Motor Rod Mount


    $ 39.00

    The Ronin-SC Focus Motor Rod Mount is used to attach the Focus Motor to Ronin-SC.

    • Rod Length: 12 mm
  • DJI Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Cable Multi-USB


    $ 29.00

    The Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Cable (Multi-USB) connects the camera control port of Ronin-SC to the MultiPort on a Sony camera to fully control the camera.

  • DJI Ronin-SC BG18 Grip


    $ 119.00
    2 Fly Buys points

    The BG18 Grip makes Ronin-SC compatible for handheld use. A 2450 mAh built-in battery powers the gimbal for up to 11 hours.

  • DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer


    $ 1599.00
    31 Fly Buys points

    Weighing just 2.3kg, about half the weight of the original Ronin, the slimmed down Ronin-M is small enough to fit into your backpack and take anywhere, yet strong enough to support camera setups weighing up to 3.6kg

    • Precision of Control: ±0.02°
    • Tool-Less Balance Adjustment System
    • Transmitter for Remote Pan/Tilt Control
    • Silent mode for quiet operation
    • USB and Power Tap Power Outputs
    • Assistant Software for iOS and Windows
    • Bluetooth Wireless Interface for Setup
  • DJI Ronin-SC RSS Control Cable for Panasonic


    $ 29.00

    The Ronin-SC RSS Control Cable for Panasonic connects the camera control port of Ronin-SC to a Panasonic camera for camera control.

    • Length: 200 mm
  • DJI Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Cable - Type-C


    $ 29.00

    The Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C) connects a camera with a Type-C port to the Camera Control Port of Ronin-SC for camera control.

  • DJI Ronin-SC RSS Splitter


    $ 29.00

    The Ronin-SC RSS Splitter enables both camera control and power to the Ronin-SC Focus Motor simultaneously.

    • Length: 400 mm
  • DJI Ronin-SC Focus Motor


    $ 199.00
    3 Fly Buys points

    The Ronin-SC Focus Motor works with the Ronin-SC Focus Wheel to control the camera focus.

  • DJI Ronin-S/SC Camera Riser


    $ 29.00

    The Ronin-S/SC Camera Riser attaches under the camera to mount and balance onto the Ronin-S. It can also connect to the Ronin-SC Focus Motor Rod Mount simultaneously.

    • Dimensions: 48x32x11.5 mm