• Mitsubishi 260 Litre Fridge Freezer


    $ 949.00
    18 Fly Buys points

    The Mitsubishi Electric Classic 260 litre refrigerator in white will suit any home, large or small. Combining functionality with style this model features innovative surround cooling, tempered glass and convenient revolving ice tray, an ideal addition to any home.

    • H 1577 x W 555 x D 636mm
    • Tempered glass shelves
    • Sliding chilled case
    • Adjustable door shelf
    • Revolving ice tray
    • Cooling system
    • Frost free
  • Mitsubishi 370 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer


    $ 1399.00
    27 Fly Buys points
    Price offer ends 22 April 2020.

    The 370 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer-White keeps your food chilled and close at hand. With three doors, this multi-drawer fridge offers convenient accessibility to your refrigerated items. Thanks to the tempered glass shelves, you can easily clean up any spills. This Mitsubishi refrigerator includes a crisper drawer, made for preserving any fruit. You can serve cool refreshments whenever you want with the premium function of an automatic ice maker. The fridge volume is 189L, so the white Mitsubishi MR-CX370EJ-W-A provides ample storage for any household. This refrigerator boasts Mitsubishi Electric's Vitalight Technology, recreating sunlight in the fridge to help vegetables maintain their freshness. Make your kitchen the heart of your household with the 370 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer-White.

    • H 1698 x W 600 x D 660mm
    • Humidity drawer with added Vitalight Technology
    • Non-plumbed automatic ice maker
    • 2 sliding chilled cases set at zero deg rees, ideal for deli meats and dairy products
    • Two-way flexi shelf to make way for taller refrigeration items
    • Convenient freezer drawer with sliding top tray
    • Tempered glass shelves that can withstand 100kg
    • Multi airflow cooling system
  • Mitsubishi 306 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer


    $ 1848.00
    36 Fly Buys points

    Create your ideal family kitchen with the stylish Mitsubishi 306 Litre Multi-Drawer Fridge Freezer. With the user-friendly addition of an ice maker, you can serve cold refreshments whenever you want. With a 152L fridge capacity and an 89L freezer capacity, the stainless steel Mitsubishi refrigerator can efficiently store large amounts of produce. It features Mitsubishi Multi Air Flow technology, which creates an evenly cooled environment to keep your food fresher for longer. Enhanced by the Mitsubishi NEURO Inverter Technology, its compressor maintains the perfect temperature by gradually speeding up and slowing down throughout the day. Get ready for your next family dinner with this Mitsubishi refrigerator.

    • H 1630 x W 540 x D 656mm
    • Non plumbed automatic ice maker
    • Humidity drawer
    • Freezer drawer
    • Inverter technology
    • Multi airflow cooling system
    • Tempered glass shelves
    • LED lighting
    • 3.5 star energy rating
  • Keep your home at the perfect temperature through the seasons with the Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Highwall Unit 5.0kW Heating Capacity. Ideal for families looking to keep their home fresh, this inverter unit uses an anti-allergy enzyme filter to rid the air of troublesome allergens. This heat pump is available with an optional wi-fi control upgrade, so you can conveniently manage the settings from your smartphone. It has a 7-day programmable timer, designed to let you select how your system will operate all week, to save you energy while keeping your home at the perfect climate.

    • 4.2 (0.9-4.8) kW Cooling / 5.0 (1.4-6.0) kW Heating
    • Catechin and Anti Allergy Enzyme Filter
    • 19 dB(A) indoor, 46dB(A) outdoor
    • NZ Quietest Heat Pump/ Air Conditioner
    • Heating down to ? 15°C
    • 7-Day Programmable Line of Sight Controller