Pudney & Lee

  • Pudney & Lee Tosslink Fibre optic Audio to Stereo RCA Converter


    $ 69.99
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    The Pudney Toslink Fibre Optic Audio to Stereo Converter lets you convert a toslink digital signal into an analog left/right stereo audio output signal

    • Converts fibre optic audio output to RCA
    • Supports SPDIF 24bits of data for the left and right channel
    • Powered by 5V USB power source (usb cable supplied only)
    • Colour: Black
  • Pudney & Lee NZ 2Pin Plug to IEC Socket 1.8m


    $ 24.99

    Commonly used for providing power to Amps,Computers,printers,fax machines and electrical appliances

    • 220-240V AC 10A(max)
  • Pudney & Lee Coxial Plug to Socket


    $ 9.99

    Pudney Coaxial Plug to F Socket Adaptor

    • Commonly used to convert a standard socket TV flylead to a F type socket connector
  • Pudney & Lee Coaxial (UHF) Plug to Plug Coupler


    $ 9.99

    Commonly used for joining two coaxial flyleads socket to socket

    • Coaxial male to male
  • Pudney & Lee 3.5mm Plug to Socket - 2m


    $ 24.99

    Commonly used for extending the length of the headphone cable when connected to a phone, ipod, mp3 player, amplifier, hi-fi system or other stereo device

    • 3.5mm male to female
    • For use with 3.5mm compatible devices
    • Used for extending a 3.5mm cable
    • 2m length
  • Pudney & Lee Lite Cantilever TV Wall Mount XXlarge 60" - 100"


    $ 349.99
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    Suitable for 60-100" LED/LCD panels, with an 80kg max capacity.

    • 60"-100" LED/LCD pannels
    • 80kg max capacity
    • Universal Vesa 600x900 mount
    • Double stud mounting
    • Cantilever mount provides +/- 15 degrees vertical tilt and up to +/- 45 degrees horizontal adjustment.
  • Pudney & Lee 3.5mm Stereo Splitter


    $ 17.99

    Commonly used for sharing a 3.5mm stereo headphone socket between 2 3.5mm stereo headphones

    • 3.5mm male to 2x 3.5mm female
    • Commonly used to share music between two people
  • Pudney & Lee High-Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable with Ethernet - 8m


    $ 69.99
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    HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) delivers the highest quality digital picture and digital sound that your equipment can deliver

    • HDMI male to male
    • For HDMI devices such as TVs, Blu-ray players etc.
    • Ethernet pass-through allows network connection across multiple devices
    • Gold plated plugs for the best connection
    • 8m length
  • Pudney & Lee NZ Phone Cord Plug to Socket 4 metres


    $ 24.99

    Commonly used to extend the NZ telephone plug cord to NZ telephone wall socket cable

  • Pudney & Lee High Speed HDMI Cable Type A Plug to HDMI C(Mini) Plug 1 Metre


    $ 49.99

    The Pudney HDMI cable delivers pristine visual images and supports home theatre surround sound needs to achieve maximum AV viewing and listening experiences.

    • Gold Plated plugs for the best connection
    • Shielded to isolate from outside noise for superior clarity
    • Suitable for connecting a Digital Camera or Digital Camcorder with C plug to a TV, or HD recorder
  • Pudney & Lee 3-Pin Plug to Clover Socket 2 Metres


    $ 29.99

    3 pin plug to clover socket



    $ 29.99

    Case Logic camera case medium with carabiner. Dimensions 140 x 56 x 94mm

    • Dedicated Case for medium camera or compact camcorder
    • Zippered front pocket for extra storage of accessories
    • Belt loop and carabineer
    • Interior dimensions: 109 x 43 x 71mm