Sensible Objects Ltd

  • Sensible Objects Ltd Beasts of Balance Hotbelly Dragon


    $ 39.99

    Legend tells of a cranky, cantankerous and generously proportioned dragon with a terrible temper and a ridiculous name... Play this high scoring Legendary Beast in Co-op mode to unlock a host of weird and wonderful new hybrid Beasts including Gnarlyscar and Hungry Hungry Flamechomp. Add Hotbelly in Battles mode to summon this riled-up reptile from the volcano and watch it burp fireballs at your opponents' Beasts.

    • Includes: 1 x Legendary Dragon Artefact. 1 x Legendary Dragon shiny card.
    • Expansion to the Beasts of Balance (New Edition) table top game
  • Sensible Objects Ltd Beasts of Balance Battle Pack


    $ 39.99

    Gear-up for battle with these 16 digitally enhanced Battle Cards. Channel magical might in every battle and Smite!, Hex!, and Nope! your way to victory. Conjure powerful effects to bolster your region and blast your opponents. Adds an entirely new dimension to Battles mode. Uses NFC technology to bring physical cards' digital effects to life.

    • Includes: 16 x NFC Battle Cards.
  • Sensible Objects Ltd Beasts of Balance (New Edition)


    $ 179.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    This is where the fun starts! The multi award-winning connected stacking game for all ages that comes to life on your tablet, phone or TV. It takes skill and smarts to build a huge tower and keep your beasts alive, but watch out- the world explodes when the tower collapses! Play together in Co-op Mode or get ready to tussle in the all-new Battles Mode, and discover more than 600 beasts!

    • App-enabled table top game connects digital gaming to real-world play 
    • Multi-award winning game of skill, strategy and creation
    • Challenging gameplay with physical beautifully designed artefacts, blended with conjuring beautiful digital worlds
    • Encourages dexterity, cooperation and innovation Over 100 fabulous beasts to discover
    • The base / plinth is a special sensing platform connecting all the pieces to the app via Bluetooth connection
    • Each object (x24) is RFID tagged to communicate with the base and app
    • Infinite variety playing out on screen and tabletop
    • Fun family game for 1-5 players
    • Suitable for age 7 and up
    • Compatible iOS (6.0 or above) or Android (4.3 or above) device and the free Beasts of Balance app are required to play
    • Requires x3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Sensible Objects Ltd Beasts of Balance Paranormal Pack


    $ 39.99

    Add some spectral surprises and stranger things to your world with these spooky artefacts. Curses and crosses and crabs - oh my! Add more strategy to both Co-op and Battles mode. Expand your bestiary with Beasts alive and undead.

    • Includes: 1 x Ghost Crab Artefact. 1 x Cursed Cross Artefact.
    • Expansion to the Beasts of Balance (New Edition) table top game
  • Sensible Objects Ltd Beasts of Balance Ominbeast


    $ 39.99

    A mysterious and rare, legendary Artefact with unique powers that will mix up your Beasts of Balance game. A powerful add-on for extraordinary towers and amazing digital worlds - introduce new stacking options and increase your potential high score. When you play it, Omnibeast will manifest in your world as one of the beasts you've unlocked in your Bestiary, introducing new strategy and helping you populate your world with extra fabulousness!

    • Expansion to the Beasts of Balance (New Edition) table top game
  • Sensible Objects Ltd Beasts of Balance More Beasts Pack


    $ 59.99
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    Create over 300 brand-new hybrids; discover new stacking strategies; increase your high score and marvel at Chameleon's amazing colour-changing skin. More Beasts means even higher scores in Co-op and more ways to crush your opponents in Battles.

    • Expansion to the Beasts of Balance (New Edition) table top game
    • Includes: 1 x Flamingo Artefact. 1 x Chameleon Artefact. 1 x Angler Fish Artefact.