Parmco 150mm Ducting Kit DPAKW150-1
    $ 89.99
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    Parmco ducting packs provide you with the convenience of being able to buy your ducting requirements out of the one standardised pack, taking the stress out of the ducting process.

    • Semi rigid aluminium
    • Ducting pipe (150mm x 1m)
    Simpson 60cm Electric Duo Wall Oven SVE624SA
    $ 2389.00
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    DISCONTINUED CLEAROUT: Electric fan forced top oven, conventional bottom oven in stainless steel, EasyPizza function with pizza stone

    • H 888 x W 596 x D 572mm
    • Cooler door temperatures with air cooled door
    • 80L capacity
    • Cooling fan
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    Eurotech 90cm Induction Cooktop EDI 905 NF
    $ 1499.00
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    Eurotech Italian Made Induction 90cm Hob

    • W 900 * D 510mm
    • Front Touch Control Regulation
    • 9 Stages Digital Power Level Display
    • Automatic Heat up Function
    • Child Safety Lock
    • Overheat Protection
    • Operating Time Limitation
    • Residual Heat Indicators
    • Timer Control
    • Bevelled Edge
    • Made in Italy
    • 1 x 250mm Zone 2300W with Booster 3000W
    • 2 x 200mm Zones 2300W with Booster 3000W
    • 2 x 160mm Zones 1400W
    Electrolux 60cm Electric Wall Oven EVE616SC
    $ 2497.00
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    BRAND NEW BUT DISCONTINUED: 60cm 13 function oven with IOI (Intuitive Oven Interface)

    • H 597 x W 596 x D 573mm
    • IOI makes cooking easy
    • Elegant and effective oven display
    • Huge 80L gross capacity oven
    • Smart Food Probe
    Robinhood 60cm Induction Cooktop HIB604TFG
    $ 999.00
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    Instantaneous heat from energy efficient induction elements. Like gas,induction cooking produces instantaneous heat and these touch switchesput you in complete control.

    • H 60 x W 580 x D 510
    • Advanced touch-activated controls
    • Illuminated LED displays clearly show heat settings
    • Displays stay in warning mode until element cools down
    • Child-safety power-lock feature helps prevent accidents
    • Dish recognition automatically uses only the energy necessary for eachpot
    • Automatic power-shutdown feature prevents damaging overheating
    • Seamless, easy-to-clean surface makes it simple to deal with mess or spills
    • Impact resistant ceramic top stands up to everyday bangs and bumps
    Parmco 90cm Induction Cooktop HX-1-9NF-INDUCT
    $ 1699.00
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    An induction cooktop works by using magnetic energy to heat the pot orpan, put simply the pot is the element. This 90cm frameless induction cooktop features 5 heating zones and touch controls not to mention an inbuilt timer and child lock function. This is the ultimatefor the serious entertainer and beyond.

    • H 40x W 860 x D 510mm
    • Touch control
    • Electronic timer
    • Easy clean surface
    Simpson 60cm Pyrolytic Wall Oven SVEP614SA
    $ 1849.00
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    At the touch of a button this pyrolytic oven cleans itself, leaving behind only a fine ash, which can be simply wiped away. Apart from the cloth for wiping away the ash, no cleaning products are needed. This multifunction oven allows you to perform both conventional and fan forced multi-shelf cooking. The large capacity means most family cooking needs can be easily catered for.

    • H 595 x W 595 x D 581mm
    • 5 cooking functions
    • 66L useable capacity
    • European A class energy efficiency
    • Moulded side runners
    • Programmable cut-off timer
    • Rotary controls
    • Removable oven door
    • Oven light
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    Omega 60cm Induction Cooktop OI64MZ
    $ 1399.00
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    The Omega OI64MZ is an induction cooktop. Induction offer safe, fast and efficient cooking through electromagnetic induction through your cookware. The OI64MZ offers a flexible zone on the left allowing you to bridge two zone for larger cookware like cast iron grill pans or rectangular pans.

    • H 60 x W 590 x D 520mm
    • Pot detection
    • 4 zones with flexi zone
    • Minute timer on all zones
    • Child lock
    • Touch/slide control