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    Robinhood 60cm Induction Cooktop


    $ 999.00
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    Instantaneous heat from energy efficient induction elements. Like gas,induction cooking produces instantaneous heat and these touch switchesput you in complete control.

    • H 60 x W 580 x D 510
    • Advanced touch-activated controls
    • Illuminated LED displays clearly show heat settings
    • Displays stay in warning mode until element cools down
    • Child-safety power-lock feature helps prevent accidents
    • Dish recognition automatically uses only the energy necessary for eachpot
    • Automatic power-shutdown feature prevents damaging overheating
    • Seamless, easy-to-clean surface makes it simple to deal with mess or spills
    • Impact resistant ceramic top stands up to everyday bangs and bumps
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    Eurotech 77cm Induction Cooktop

    EDI 704 NF

    $ 1999.00
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    77cm Induction Hob

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    Eurotech 60cm Induction Cooktop

    EDI 604 NF

    $ 1499.00
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    • H 50 x W 580 x D 510mm
    • Front touch control regulation
    • 9 stages digital power level display
    • Automatic heat up function
    • Child safety lock
    • Overheat protection
    • Operating time limitation
    • Residual heat indicators
    • Timer control
    • Bevelled edge
    • Made in Italy
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    Eurotech 90cm Induction Cooktop

    EDI 905 NF

    $ 2099.00
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    Eurotech Induction 90cm Hob

    • W 900 * D 510mm
    • Front Touch Control Regulation
    • 9 Stages Digital Power Level Display
    • Automatic Heat up Function
    • Child Safety Lock
    • Overheat Protection
    • Operating Time Limitation
    • Residual Heat Indicators
    • Timer Control
    • Bevelled Edge
    • Made in Italy
    • 1 x 250mm Zone 2300W with Booster 3000W
    • 2 x 200mm Zones 2300W with Booster 3000W
    • 2 x 160mm Zones 1400W
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    Parmco 90cm Induction Cooktop


    $ 1699.00
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    An induction cooktop works by using magnetic energy to heat the pot orpan, put simply the pot is the element. This 90cm frameless induction cooktop features 5 heating zones and touch controls not to mention an inbuilt timer and child lock function. This is the ultimatefor the serious entertainer and beyond.

    • H 40x W 860 x D 510mm
    • Touch control
    • Electronic timer
    • Easy clean surface