Hoover 7kg Front Load Washing Machine


    $ 499.00
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    Price offer ends 24 February 2020.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 540mm
    • 12 wash programs
    • 3.5 star energy rating
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 36 months

    Samsung 7kg Front Load Washing Machine


    $ 788.00
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    Count on the 7kg Front Load Washer to keep all your clothes clean. This washer has Samsung's Digital Inverter technology so that the cycle is quieter and will use less energy. With a diamond drum, it will be gentle on your garments. This laundry machine features a 4-star energy rating and a 4.5-star water rating for additional water conservation.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 550mm
    • 15 minute quick wash
    • Auto load sensor
    • 12 specialty wash cycles
    • LED display
    • Gentle diamond drum
    • Smart check troubleshooting
    • Digital inverter motor
    • Pair me with the Samsung 8kg Condenser Dryer DV80H4100 or 8kg HeatpumpDryer DV80M5010

    Classique 7kg Sensor Dryer


    $ 399.00
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    A versatile 7 Kg Sensor Clothes Dryer that comes with a wall mounting kit to put on the wall above your washing machine. It also includes 2 control panels - one printed the correct way around, perfect if you wish to place the unit on the floor, or one that is printed upside down, so you can put the unit upside down on the wall and have easier access to the drum and the control panel when mounted in this position.

    • H 840 x W 595 x D 555mm
    • Choose from 4 drying program selections
    • Can be installed on the floor or on the wall. Comes with reversible control panel and wall mount kit
    • Automatic Drying Sensor - Humidity levels are sensed and drying cycle temperature and duration adjusted, so the dryer is only on for as much time as it needs to be
    • Anti Crease feature for easier ironing
    • Front Vented - put in garage or outhouse

    Samsung 7kg Front Load Washing Machine


    $ 1099.00
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    The Samsung front load washing machine 7kg features a Digital Inverter Motor, has a 4 star energy rating, 4.5 star energy efficiency and comes with multiple pre programmed cycles you can tell the machine what type of wash you need with a simple push of a button.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 550mm
    • 15 minute quick wash
    • Auto load sensor
    • 12 specialty wash cycles
    • LED display
    • Gentle diamond drum
    • Smart check troubleshooting
    • 4.5 star water rating
    • 4 star energy rating

    Samsung 7.5kg Top Load Washing Machine


    $ 999.00
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    Ensure that your clothes are clean with the 7.5kg Top Load Washing Machine. Featuring Samsung's Digital Inverter technology, it will consume less energy and operate more quietly. It is designed with a gentle diamond drum to help reduce tearing so that your fabrics will stay in great condition. With nine cycles, this washing machine allows you to launder anything from clothes to delicates. Ideal for households with young kids, this laundry machine is designed with a child lock to provide you with added peace of mind. This washing machine features a delay end option mechanism for additional convenience.

    • H 1030 x W 637 x D 670mm
    • Double Storm Pulsator
    • Diamond Drum: no more washing damage
    • Air turbo drying system
    • Transparent tempered glass
    • Magic filter
    • Mist shower
    • Stainless steel tub
    • Water fall
    • Tub check
    • Digital inverter motor
    • Drum clean
    • Door lock
    • Child lock
    • Standby zero power
    • Delay start
    • Side drain hose outlet
    Supplier Seconds

    Hoover 7kg Washing Machine & 5kg Dryer


    $ 1025.00
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    H 840 x W 590 x D 550mm

    • 16 Programmes
    • One-Touch Technology - Compatible with Andriod
    • Electronic Programme Control
    • Digital Countdown Indicator
    • AquaStop device to prevent leak Upto 24hr Delay Start
    • Upto 24hr Delay Start
    • Variable Spin Speed
    • Door Security
    • Water Protection Systems - Antioverflow & Foam Control

    Omega 9kg Front Load Washing Machine


    $ 849.00
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    Omega Identico 9kg front load washer with a white enamel finish.

    • H 850 x W 595 x D 565mm
    • 16 wash programs
    • Cold water connection
    • Rotary and push button controls
    • 4 star water rating
    • 3 star energy rating

    Haier 9kg Top Load Washing Machine

    2NDS HWT90MW1

    $ 997.00
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    • H 1015 x W 580 x D 590mm
    • 12 wash programs
    • Direct Drive technology
    • Auto out-of-balance correction
    • Tempered glass, soft close lid
    • Stainless Steel inner drum
    Supplier Seconds

    Fisher & Paykel 7.5kg WashSmart Front Load Washing Machine

    2NDS WH7560P2

    $ 998.00
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    SUPPLIER SECONDS UNIT: This unit is a supplier seconds unit and may have cosmetic faults, damaged packaging, be an ex-display unit or have been refurbished. A manufacturers warranty still applies in all cases.


    Beko 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine


    $ 1098.00
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    This 8.5kg front load washing machine from Beko has flexible features to suit your busy lifestyle. The Manhattan Grey colour will suit any stylish home. With 16 washing programs to choose from and 1400 rpm spin speed, you can provide the best care for your laundry. Specialty functions like Pet Hair Removal, Anti-Allergy+ and Woolmark Apparel Care help meet all your household needs and the 28min wash for daily soiled loads saves you time in your day.

    • H 840 x W 600 x D 600mm
    • 16 Washing Programs
    • 28 minute Daily Program
    • Stain Expert Program
    • 4.5 Star Water Rating
    • 4 Star Energy Rating

    LG 8kg Condenser Dryer


    $ 1849.00
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    LG Condenser Dryers remove the need to fit venting kits in your laundry. This makes installation easier. The condenser drying process removes moisture from the clothes without raising the humidity in yourlaundry.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 680mm
    • 3 sensors for optimal drying
    • Tag On: download more drying cycles & troubleshoot
    • No venting required

    Omega 7kg Front Load Washing Machine & 3.5kg Dryer Combination


    $ 998.00
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    • H 850 x W 595 x D 470mm