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    Classique 7kg Sensor Dryer


    $ 399.00
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    A versatile 7 Kg Sensor Clothes Dryer that comes with a wall mounting kit to put on the wall above your washing machine. It also includes 2 control panels - one printed the correct way around, perfect if you wish to place the unit on the floor, or one that is printed upside down, so you can put the unit upside down on the wall and have easier access to the drum and the control panel when mounted in this position.

    • H 840 x W 595 x D 555mm
    • Choose from 4 drying program selections
    • Can be installed on the floor or on the wall. Comes with reversible control panel and wall mount kit
    • Automatic Drying Sensor - Humidity levels are sensed and drying cycle temperature and duration adjusted, so the dryer is only on for as much time as it needs to be
    • Anti Crease feature for easier ironing
    • Front Vented - put in garage or outhouse

    Classique 7kg Condenser Dryer


    $ 299.00
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    Price offer ends 25 February 2020.

    This versatile tumble dryer has 16 programmes so there will be a programme available for almost anything you need to dry. It is a sensor dryer, which means that it knows how dry your clothes are and will switch off as soon as it achieves the dryness level that you have selected - using exactly the right amount of energy - no more, no less. No need to vent the hot, humid air as all of the moisture is collected in the water tank which is easy to remove and then pour away.

    • H 845 x W 595 x D 615mm
    • 16 drying programs
    • Anti Wrinkle
    • Child Lock
    • Easy to read LED display
    • Automatic Drying Sensor

    Beko 7kg Vented Dryer


    $ 697.00
    13 Fly Buys points

    This 7kg vented dryer from Beko is ideal for a medium-sized household and features a number of convenient programs. With Bekos Flexy Sense Drying system your garments are provided with an extra level of care, and with the dryers anti-crease cycle, wrinkling is reduced and clothes are ready to wear. The drum is structured to gently elevate clothing during a cycle and its reverse drum action helps separate clothes for more even drying. And with the choice of 15 different programs, its easier to select one that suits each load.

    • H 846 x W 595 x D 530mm
    • 15 Drying Programs
    • Sensor Drying
    • Reverse Tumble Drum Action
    • Delay Start
    • Auto Anticreasing Function
    • 2 star energy rating

    LG 8kg Condenser Dryer


    $ 1849.00
    36 Fly Buys points

    LG Condenser Dryers remove the need to fit venting kits in your laundry. This makes installation easier. The condenser drying process removes moisture from the clothes without raising the humidity in yourlaundry.

    • H 850 x W 600 x D 680mm
    • 3 sensors for optimal drying
    • Tag On: download more drying cycles & troubleshoot
    • No venting required

    Trieste 6kg Vented Dryer


    $ 599.00
    11 Fly Buys points

    • H 840 x W 595 x D 530mm
    • 4 programs
    • 180 degree door opening
    • Auto stop drying
    • Stainless steel drum
    • Anti crease option
    • Child lock / error alarm