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  • Smaak Foundation USB-C Adapter - USB-C 3.1 to USB-A - White


    $ 19.97

    The Smaak Foundation USB-C Adapter range adds extra ports and functionality to your USB-C enabled notebook, tablet or phone. Simply connect the USB-C adapter to a USB-C port on your MacBook or any USB-C enabled device.

    • USB-C 3.1 adapter (to plug into device)
    • USB-A 3.0 port
    • Compatible with USB-C enabled MacBook or any USB-C enabled device
  • Smaak Dual Car Charger 3.4amp


    $ 19.97
    Price offer ends 31 December 2019.

    The Smaak Voltage 3.4 AMPs Dual USB Car Charger is the perfect power solution to charge up to two mobile devices simultaneously. Our premium car charger has a 1 AMP and 2.4 AMPs output that plugs directly into your vehicles 12V power outlet which enables you to travel and charge your mobile devices in style

    • Dual charging
    • Dual USB ports
    • 2.4A USB port
    • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, mp3 players and GPS devices
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Smaak Tourer 2m Double Braid Cable USB-C to USB-C - Red


    $ 19.97

    Smaak Tourer 2m Double Braid Cable USB-C to USB-C- Red

    • 2m USB-C 2.0 to USB-C 2.0 Cable
    • Reinforced with aramid fibre core
    • Up to x5 stronger than ordinary cables
    • 10,000+ bend lifespan
    • Double braided nylon
    • Comes with nylon velcro strap for cable storage
  • Apple MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter


    $ 19.00

    MagSafe to Magsafe 2 Adapter

  • Endeavour RJ11 Modular Plug to Plug- 2m


    $ 18.99

    RJ11 Modular Plug to Plug- 2m

  • Endeavour 6.3mm Stereo Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Socket


    $ 18.99

    6.3mm Stereo Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Socket

    • Used to convert a 3.5mm stereo plug to a 6.3mm stereo plug
  • Sandisk Ultra Micro SD Card - 32GB


    $ 18.00

    Shoot and save more high-quality photos and Full HD video on your Android smartphone or tablet with SanDisk Ultra microSD UHS-I Cards. The SanDisk Memory Zone app, available on the Google Play store, makes it easy to view, access, and back up all of your files from your phone's memory in one convenient place. To help your smartphone run at its peak performance, this app can be set to automatically off-load files from your smartphone's internal memory to your memory card.

  • Pudney & Lee 3.5mm Stereo Splitter


    $ 17.99

    Commonly used for sharing a 3.5mm stereo headphone socket between 2 3.5mm stereo headphones

    • 3.5mm male to 2x 3.5mm female
    • Commonly used to share music between two people
  • Endeavour Phone Adapter RJ11 Plug to NZ Socket


    $ 16.99

    RJ11 Plug to NZ Socket Adaptor

    • Used to convert a NZ telephone plug to a RJ11 USA plug
  • Endeavour Double NZ Telephone Adaptor


    $ 16.99

    Endeavour NZ Telephone Adaptor with Dual Plug

    • Lets you connect two devices to one socket
  • Endeavour Ethernet Cable CAT6 5m Black


    $ 16.99

    Use to connect all the hardware destinations on a local area network (LAN)

    • Cat6 rated
    • 5 Metres long
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Sandisk Cruzer Dial 16GB USB Flashdrive Black


    $ 16.99

    With its stylish, compact design and generous capacity, the Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive makes it easy to back up, transfer, and share your files. Available in capacities up to 128GB, this USB drive lets you carry your photos, movies, music, and personal data wherever you go.

    • Compact design for maximum portability
    • High-capacity drive accommodates your favorite media files
    • Simple drag-and-drop file backup