• Canon LS-123K Pink Desktop Tax Calculator LS123KMPK
    $ 29.99

    Brighten up your desk with a colourful calculator. Calculations don't need to be boring. Choose the Canon LS-123K series and you'll be spoilt with colours of blue, orange, green or pink to complement your work space as you complete tax and business calculations with ease.

    • Vivid colours with a metallic finish.
    • Power Source: Solar and Battery.
    • Tax calculation.
    • Grand total memory.


Does your job involve a lot of number crunching? Maybe you are a STEM student who is working hard on equations and math problems? Or are you getting ready to file your taxes? A good calculator, whether basic or scientific, can make your job much easier. Ours come with a slew of features that help you with both simple and complex formulae. You also get to choose your pick from a number of trendy colours to add some personality to your desk. At Noel Leeming, you’ll find a range of gadgets and tech accessories including laptops, desktop computers, speakers, headsets and more, at fabulous prices. Shop online or drop in at a store near you and let our Passionate Experts help you out.