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  • Logitech USB Unifying Receiver 910-005934
    $ 24.99

    Plug it. Forget it. Add to it. The tiny Logitech Unifying receiver stays in your notebook, so there's no need to unplug it when you move around. Connects up to six Unifying devices to your computer so you can easily add a compatible mouse or keyboard - without the hassle of multiple USB receivers. Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology provides a powerful, reliable connection up to 33 feet (10 meters) away with virtually no delays or dropouts.

  • Logitech Wireless Desktop MK345 920-006491
    $ 99.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    The perfect combination of great comfort, modern design, powerful features and extra-long battery life

    • Wireless mouse and keyboard package
    • Extra-long battery life
    • Improved comfort
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus Black 920-007165
    $ 94.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    PC-to-TV entertainment shouldn't be hard work. Kick back and navigate your TV-connected computer from the comfort of your couch!

    • Enjoy seamless control of your PC-to-TV entertainment
    • Watch video, browse the web, chat with friends and more
    • Plug the tiny Unifying receiver into a USB port and start the fun
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop - Black QHG-00017
    $ 109.99
    2 Fly Buys points

    The new Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop for those looking for a sleek modern keyboard and mouse as they work in windows and office 365.

    • Hard bundle of the ergonomic keyboard & ergonomic mice.
    • Wireless Bluetooth Connection - no cords or dongles.
    • Time saving Office 365 and short cut keys for productivity.
    • Mouse offers a small portable design.
    • Dedicated scroll well and 3 programmable buttons.
    • Up to 1 Year Battery Life .
  • Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop 7N9-00028
    $ 179.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Ultra-thin and wireless, the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop features a full-sized keyboard and an accurate, comfortable mouse

    • Wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet or PC
    • Full-sized keyboard with a built-in number pad
    • Mouse uses BlueTrack Technology for accurate tracking on almost any surface
    • Works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, RT 8.1, and RT 8. Does not work with Windows 7
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop RJU-00015
    $ 169.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    The new Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop is for Windows users looking for best-in-class-ergonomic experience at their desk.

    • Hard bundle of the ergonomic keyboard & ergonomic mice.
    • Slim design with split keyboard.
    • Improved cushioned palm rest.
    • Dedicated Function keys.
    • Light weight mouse to reduce fatigue.
    • Ultra precise tracking & navigation.
    • 2 programmable buttons.
  • Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop L3V-00027
    $ 149.99
    2 Fly Buys points

    Sleek and contoured design with customizable features to adjust your needs and provide comfort

    • Specially designed right-handed mouse - helps you keep your wrists in a neutral position
    • The split spacebar offers new backspace functionality to help you makethe most of your keystrokes
    • Sculpt Comfort Desktop can be easily customized to save space and offer a more compact look, by detaching the palm rest
    • Sculpt Comfort Desktop perfectly integrates with Windows 8
  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop L5V-00027
    $ 199.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is built on advanced ergonomic principles, with a split keyboard layout that keeps wrists and forearms in a relaxed position, and a cushioned palm rest to provide wrist support.

    • Cushioned palm rest
    • Split keyset design
    • Natural arc key layout mimics the curved shape of the finger tips
    • Domed keyboard design positions wrists at a natural, relaxed angle
    • Separate number pad provides greater flexibility for workspace setup
    • 1 Year warranty
  • Microsoft Slim Bluetooth Surface Keyboard WS2-00014
    $ 179.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Surface Keyboard

    • Key wobble, 6 degree typing angle
    • Key improvements in depth and spacing
    • Visually compliments Surface devices
    • Solid weight, metal top case, no twist or torsion
    • Machined aluminium top case, optimized paint and finishes
    • Meticulously engineered for the highest quality
    • 2 Years warranty
  • Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 APB-00018
    $ 54.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Great for Gaming - Xbox 360 Compatibility, use your mouse with your left or right hand, ambidextrous design makes it comfortable either way.

    • New thinner design
    • Quiet touch keys
    • USB Plug & Play
    • Optical Mouse
  • Microsoft Wired Ergonomic Keyboard LXM-00015
    $ 119.99
    2 Fly Buys points

    Amazing comfort for long periods of productivity

    • Ergonomist approved
    • Improved cushion & arm rest
    • Office 365 dedicated key & shortcuts
    • Expressive icon key & screen snipping
    • Media controls & access keys for favourite apps
    • Dedicated integrated number pad
  • Microsoft Wired Keyboard ANB-00025
    $ 39.99

    Media Center - Four hot keys let you control the most-used media activities (play/pause, volume up, volume down, and mute)

    • New thinner design
    • Quiet touch keys
    • USB Plug & Play
    • Spill resistant
    • 3 Years warranty