3D Printers

In recent years 3D printing has come a long way, and Noel Leeming’s proud to offer some of the best affordable 3D printers and accessories on the market. MakerBot printers are renowned for their reliability and resolution, with affordable models offering such features as a resolution down to 100 microns, layer heights of .1mm with a .4mm nozzle. These printers are capable of professional-quality high-resolution prototypes, can produce complex models and print multiple things at once. The higher end of the range includes printers with newest-generation technology, with remarkable gains in speed, quality, reliability and ease of use. The user experience has been enhanced to be better than ever, and some build volumes allow you to create quite large objects, many more times greater than the mid-range desktop 3D printers. We also offer desktop 3D scanners to create clean, watertight 3D models ready for printing, with scan times approaching ten minutes.