Android Tablets

Choosing the right tablet PC for your needs can be a little overwhelming with all the products available on the market.

Tablets provide you with the same basic functions like internet access, multimedia support and app downloads. If you narrow down your choices based on specific capabilities you are looking for, the decision becomes much easier. The most important features to compare are operating systems, storage capacity and the overall size of the tablet PC.

For the operating system, you pretty much have three choices, which are Apple’s iOS, Windows and Android. Some operating systems are better for entertainment and personal use while others are ideal for conducting business operations. All devices have multitasking capabilities for versatile usage. Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Vodafone and Acer tablets feature the Android operating system, and they support a large variety of apps. Android tablets are very popular in terms of performance and features or you may prefer an interface similar to a Windows PC.

If you are open about which OS your new tablet contains, compare the storage capacities to find one that meets your needs. Many tablets range from 16 to 64 gigabytes of memory. For storing large files like photos and videos, you will probably want to choose the maximum amount of space. If you are using your tablet purely for business and need to store things like documents and spreadsheets, you will not need such a high capacity.

The physical size of your tablet is important in terms of portability and viewing experience. Larger screens are better for watching videos, and small screens are fine for simple chat functions and searching the web. Small devices fit nicely into your pocket or purse, and larger tablet PCs provide a more comfortable experience for multimedia applications.


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