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  • Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner


    $ 859.00
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    The Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner will offer you an effective temperature control system for your home. This heat pump has a 24-hour timer and a remote control, designed for easy temperature management. Easily adjust the temperature to your preferred setting with this air conditioner's control panel.

    • 3kW Cooling and Heating capacity
    • Suitable to cool and heat rooms up to 30m2
    • 2m2rating temperature: 5-43 degrees
    • Thermostat range: 17-30 degrees
    • Dehumidifying function: up to 40L per day.
    • 0-24 hour timer with sleep mode
    • Black and white finish
    • Easy touch panel
    • Remote control
    • Window kit included for only sash and sliding windows
    • Guaranteed cooling in 43 degrees Celsius
    • Dehumidifying Function - During Summer there can be high levels of humidity causing discomfort to many people and homes. All Dimplex Portable Air Conditioners come with a dehumidification feature that not only cools your home but also reduces unwanted moisture.
  • Dimplex Premium Tower Fan


    $ 209.99
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    Keep cool with the Dimplex premium tower fan, taking up minimal floor space yet powerful enough to cool larger rooms. Its stylish, modern design features button-less touch controls and its internal swing louvre ensures strength and stability.

    • 6 Speed settings
    • 3 modes: normal, natural breeze and sleep
    • Detachable rear guard for easy cleaning
    • Internal swing louvre for strength and stability
    • 12 Hour timer
    • LED display
    • Power off memory function
    • Multi-function remote control
    • Takes up minimal floor space
    • Features button-less touch controls
    • Dimensions: 257mmx267mmx1166mm (WxDxH)
  • Dimplex WhirlTech Air Circulator with Electronic Controls, Timer and Remote


    $ 129.99
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    Dimplex WhirlTech Air Circulators with its pivotable head and 5 oscillation angles create a gentle breeze that circulates fresh air throughout your room. Usable all year round to evenly circulate cool air from air conditioners and warm air from heaters making sure you are comfortable in any season.

    • 3 Speed settings
    • Fan head pivots up to 90 degrees
    • 360 Degrees horizontal oscillation (5 angles)
    • Whole room air circulation
    • 3 Modes: normal, natural breeze and sleep
    • 8 Hour timer
    • Remote controls
    • LED indicator lights
    • 5 Oscillation angles
    • Moves air up to 20m
    • Dimensions: 275mmx254mmx395mm (WxDxH)
  • Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner, Heater and Dehumidifier


    $ 699.00
    13 Fly Buys points

    The Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner, Heater and Dehumidifier is a great choice for home temperature control. With a humidification function, this heat pump is ideal for adding moisture to dry air. This heat pump features a 24-hour timer with a sleep function, which will automatically shut the system off, ensuring safety and energy savings.

    • 1.1KW cooling capacity
    • 30L dehumidifier
    • 600W ceramic heater
    • 24 hour programmable timer with sleep mode
    • Easy touch control panel
    • Remote control
    • Black and white finish
    • Easy glide castors
    • Dehumidifying function
    • Removes up to 30 litres of water per day
    • 2.6L Dehumidifying tank
    • Humidification function
    • Suitable to cool rooms up to 11m2
    • Window kit included for only sash and sliding windows