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  • Tech Will Save Us Sew & Glow Kit 5060402300776
    $ 24.97

    Design and build glowing badges that light up with the touch of a button - PING! Bring your very own designs to life through the amazing power of electro thread. Sewing badges. Making circuits. Playing with Power. Discover your creative superpowers by creating light-up badges with flashy electro thread. Let's get inventing to unleash your creative superpowers!

    • Two badge templates to help with your creations
    • Four coloured felt squares to build your badges with
    • Sewing thread to attach the badges to your bag or clothes
    • Electro-thread to make your creations light up
    • A pen to help draw out your designs
    • The sew & glow battery pack to make your ideas come alive
    • Two Tech-moji templates for inspiration
    • Fifteen connectors to build your circuits with
    • Two needles to help you sew
    • An easy to access manual available on all devices
  • Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit 5060402300783
    $ 24.97

    Electricity. Beamed through the air. Discover your creative superpower by supercharging your bike! Simply strap the bolts to your wheels and the hub to your frame and zap!

    • Wireless emitter for unbelievable wireless power!
    • Two capacitors to hold the charge for your electricity
    • Two cable ties to tie your bike lights to your wheels
    • Two awesome lightning bolts to house your lights
    • Three LED lights to make flash when you ride
    • Easy to access online manual
    • Two wires to thread through your lightning bolts
  • MudWatt Classic Kit MW-1003
    $ 24.97

    MudWatt: Grow a Living Fuel Cell

    • The award-winning bio-energy pet!
    • Build your very own fuel cell that runs on muddy microbes
    • A perfect STEM project for budding scientists and engineers
    • Includes: 1 complete MudWatt set with the free MudWatt Explorer App

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