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  • Price offer ends 6 December 2016.

    While stocks last.

    • Functions: up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, speed up
    • Flight time: 5-6 minutes
    • Charging time: around 65 minutes
    • 6 x AA Batteries
    • 6x1.5V AA alkaline batteries for remote control (not included)
    • Battery: 3.7v 300mah li-po batteries (included)
  • Price offer ends 6 December 2016.

    This HEXBUG assortment of mechanical creatures will keep you entertained for hours! Each micro robotic creature has its own behavior and unique characteristics.

    • This robotic creature changes direction in reaction to sounds and obstacles
    • Robotic creature that uses physics to propel forward and explore its environment.
    • Autonomous, high-speed Ant features Antennas in the front and back that react to touch
  • While stocks last.

    • *Pricing is per unit. Colour received will be chosen at random.
    • The scariest high-speed, beetle-like robotic bug is eerily mesmerizing to watch and interact with
    • Skitters around propelling itself forwards, backwards, bouncing off of objects in its path
  • Price offer ends 6 December 2016.

    While stocks last.

    • The robotic creature that you control! Full-range remote control with two bands
    • The 360 degree steering and LED forward eye allows you to maneuver it around objects and control precisely where it scurries.
  • Price offer ends 6 December 2016.

    The Strandbeast features a mesmerizing eight-legged walking mechanism that gives this complex robot its graceful, smooth-walking stride. Includes a two-channel infrared remote control that allows the user toindependently operate each side of the Strandbeast's legs.

    • The Strandbeast has a translucent design that exposes the electronics and mechanisms so you can see it work.
    • Allows full-control of forward, backward and turning motions.
  • Price offer ends 6 December 2016.

    Tarantula spider quad copter with 6 axis gyro. Built in Camera.

    • 2.4 ghz wireless remote control means you can play with up to 10 friends
    • Bright indicator lights allowing for high precision flight
    • 360 degrees rotation
    • 6 x AA Batteries
    • Bright led indicator lights
    • Built in Camera
    • Headless mode
  • The fast, easy, most spectacular way to decorate your home instantly! The secret is in the state-of- the-art holographic 3D laser. Just one Star Laser Light has over 1,000 brilliant light. Simply plug in and point at the surface you wish to illuminate.

    • Options of static green or green & red colours
    • Weather resistant plastic housing
    • Daylight sensor
    • 3m power cord
    • Spike mount for garden use
    • 100-240V power supply
  • Price offer ends 6 December 2016.

    *Pricing is per unit (one out of these six models). Model received will be chosen at random.

    • Fully detailed replicas
    • 1:24 scale
    • Requires 1 x 9V and 2 x AA batteries
  • X-Fighter Powered Electric Launcher.

    • Powered Electric Launcher
    • Charge Time:10s
    • Battery:3x1.5V AA batteries for remote control (not included)
    • 3 x AA Batteries
    • Product size: 21.5x27x7cm
  • Price offer ends 6 December 2016.

    Radio Control Cars with off road pick up styling. Comes with articulated front and rear full acute angle hyper suspensions. Twin torque twist motors create more power for climbing up the steepest hills and objects. Full 4WD power. Pro grip tyres allow for extreme climbing and enhanced grip.

    • Off Road
    • Independent front and rear suspensions
    • Twin torque twists motors
    • Full 4WD power.
    • Pro grip tyres for extreme climbing and enhanced grip.
    • Requires 4xAA for Vehicle and 2xAA for Controller
  • Price offer ends 6 December 2016.

    ROCK CRAWLER - Short Course off road race truck. Deduce the beauty of the natural science and technology.

    • Oversized tyres provide increased stability
    • High strength shocks for maximum control on bumpy terrain
    • Anti-collision car structure
    • 6 x AA Batteries Required
    • Built-to last
    • All-weather fun
    • 2.4 ghz remote controlled
  • Climbing, walking mini skywalker quadcopter.

    • Built-in six axis gyroscope
    • With anti-collision protective outer frame
    • Ground mode, climbing stunt, flight mode
    • Requires 4 x AA batteries
    • 360 degrees roll
    • Automatic flight demonstration function

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