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  • Hexbug Scarab


    $ 24.99

    These robotic bugs are fun and entertaining to play with! There are 12 amazing colours to choose from! The colour received will be chosen at random

    • Skitters around propelling itself forwards, backwards, bouncing off of objects in its path
    • Can jump from its back to its feet if placed upside down
    • Translucent exoskeleton exposes the inner workings of the HEXBUG Scarab
    • Includes batteries (button cell).
    • The scariest high-speed, beetle-like robotic bug is eerily mesmerizing to watch and interact with
    • *Pricing is per unit. Colour received will be chosen at random.
  • Hexbug Insects Assorted Micro Robotic Creatures


    $ 24.99

    This HEXBUG assortment of mechanical creatures will keep you entertained for hours! Each micro robotic creature has its own behavior and unique characteristics. The colour received will be chosen at random

    • This robotic creature changes direction in reaction to sounds and obstacles
    • Robotic creature that uses physics to propel forward and explore its environment.
    • Autonomous, high-speed Ant features Antennas in the front and back that react to touch
    • Its six wheels propel it forwards, backwards and over small obstacles with furious speed!
    • Larva: Slithers forward on smooth surfaces using a slow, rhythmic flexing motion.
    • LED forward eye enable it to sense & react to objects in its path before it comes into contact with them
    • When the Larva encounters a road block, it spins around on two micro robotic wheels hidden beneath its hard exterior shell and heads off ina new direction.
    • Original: Antennas react to touch, sensing objects in its path and avoiding them using its bump sensor feelers.
    • Reacts to sound, you can control where it scurries and make it change direction with the clap of a hand.
    • Includes batteries (button cell).
    • *Pricing is per unit. Colour received will be chosen at random.
  • Hexbug Spider


    $ 39.99

    While stocks last. Colour chosen will be at random

    • The robotic creature that you control! Full-range remote control with two bands
    • The 360 degree steering and LED forward eye allows you to maneuver it around objects and control precisely where it scurries.
    • The remote allows you to operate multiple bugs independently or at thesame time.
    • This bug is filled with robotic intelligence, and protected by a hard,transparent exoskeleton casing.
    • Includes batteries (button cell).
    • *Pricing is per unit. Colour received will be chosen at random.
  • Hovertech Battle FX 3.0


    $ 69.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Race against a friend to shoot the hovering target drone out of the air.

    • 2 pistols and 24 soft projectiles allow for 2 player shooting
    • Drone automatically hovers 1m below ceiling
    • 3.7V LiPo rechargeable battery included and 4xAAA batteries required- not included
    • For ages 8 and up
  • VTech Pre-school Laptop


    $ 49.99

    While stocks last

    • Pre-school laptop with child-friendly 4-directional mouse and 30 fun and educational activities.
    • Teaches age appropriate curriculum including phonics, counting and spelling.
    • Features 5 progressive learning categories Letters & Words, Numbers & Shapes, Animals & Foods, Logic & Games and Music Time.
    • Customise the laptop with child?s name, age and favorite food in the All About Me Mode.
    • Encourages logical thinking, visualisation skills and hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Maisto Tech Radio Controlled Custom Shop Car Assorted


    $ 28.00

    The designs of these 1:24 scale radio control vehicles make them look like die-cast replicas, but the fast-action full force speed brings home the radio control fun. All models include the stick hand controller and rims by premiere wheel makers. Out of the 11 available models, the one received will be chosen at random.

    • Full function control range over 30ft (9 metres)
    • Remote control range
    • Plastic shell with metal parts
    • 1/24 scale - approx 7' (17.5cm) long
    • *Pricing is per unit (one out of 11 models). Model received will be chosen at random.
  • Maisto Tech Cyklone 360

    CYKLONE 360

    $ 49.99

    Maisto Tech Street Series Futuristic style radio control motorcycle with amazing spinning action.

    • Unique and Innovative. Call 'em crazy, but the Cyklone 360 does things that professional stunt riders can't even imagine. It's a unique vehicle with innovative engineering.
    • Power Spins With LED Lights. Power through spins with the RC bike of the future. Along with the wild action, the multi-colored LED light creates an other-worldly appearance.
    • Ready To Overcome Any Obstacle. Set up a slalom course and see how fast you can get around the obstacles. This is the motorcycle of the future that you can have right now.
    • ^Pricing is per unit. Colour received will be chosen at random
  • VRSE Jurassic World VR Headset


    $ 89.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Escape from Isla Nublar. Return to Isla Nublar for an intense Jurassic World VR gaming adventure. Use the game-themed motion controller to fend off hungry Velociraptors in the jungle or hold off a pursuing T-Rex as you speed towards the Visitor's Centre. Complete your mission and make it to the rendezvous point, or will you be devoured by the island's most dangerous predators!

    • All-in-one VR Entertainment system with licenced gameplay
    • Quality VR Headset with adjustable lenses
    • Themed motion game controller
    • High-quality VR video game App
  • Carrera 1-20 Scale Radio Control Car


    $ 99.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Go wild the Carrera RC RED SPEEDER 2 offers non-stop action and unlimited hours of fun you and your friends it has a quick re charge with up to 20 minutes playtime

    • 12km top speed
    • Full function steering
    • 2.4GHz full function Lithium Ion
    • Ready to run
    • 20 Minute play time
    • 90 Minute recharge time
    • USB charger cable
  • The X-wing played a major role in the Galactic Civil War following its capture on Fresia and the defection of its designers to the Alliance. It was heralded as the fighter that, in the hands of Luke Skywalker, destroyed the Death Star. Later in the war it formed the backbone of the Alliance Starfighter Corps, defending Alliance ships and leading attacks on Imperial vessels and installations. Most importantly, when handled by an experienced pilot, it could perform on near equal terms with the Empire's high-performance TIE fighters.

    • Achieves speeds of over 35 MPH
    • Multiplayer battle game with other Propel Star Wars battling drones
    • Push button aerial stunts
    • Multiple speed settings for beginner to advanced pilots
    • Highly detailed, hand painted and numbered
    • 2.4 GHZ controller included
    • Charge time: 30-40 minutes
    • Average run time: 6-8 minutes
  • VRSE Batman Virtual Reality Headset


    $ 89.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Game amidst the mean streets of Gotham City. Step into Batman's dark reality, determined to thwart The Joker's latest evil scheme. The fate of Gotham City rests in your hands as you sharpen your skills at Wayne Tech. Ready or not, it's time to stalk your enemies through dark streets. Use the game's batarang to take some henchmen down, or drop in close for intense hand-to-hand combat through the Batman-themed controller.

    • All-in-one VR Entertainment system with licenced gameplay
    • Quality VR Headset with adjustable lenses
    • Themed motion game controller
    • High-quality VR video game App
  • Double Eagle Hi Tech RC Car 2 in 1

    RC CAR

    $ 79.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Enjoy the thrill of building your own radio control car. Assembly instructions included or use your own imagination to build your own creation

    • Fully functioning controls
    • 453 building blocks
    • 2.4G auto matching remote control
    • RC building blocks