• Homedics Neck & Shoulder Massager


    $ 25.00
    Price offer ends 16 December 2018.
    ONLINE PRICE ONLY. Offer ends 16 December 2018.

    Homedics Comfort Pro Vibration Neck Massager NMSQ215BKAU provides an invigorating massage experience to loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles. A comfort fit allows you to flex and shape for an ideal fit. It is a multipurpose massager designed to provide a comfortable, relaxing massage to the shoulders, back, neck or thighs. With optionalheat function to further enhance your experience, providing complete relaxing and soothing massage.

    • Invigorating vibration massage
    • Soothing heat allows for a relaxing massage
    • Integrated control allows you to choose from 2 speed and soothing heat
    • Ergo comfort design - internal wire frame flexes and shapes for a perfect fit
    • Portable and convenient - operates on batteries, or use the included AC adaptor (x 4 AA not included)
  • Homedics Accu Node Vibration Massager


    $ 5.00
    Price offer ends 16 December 2018.
    ONLINE PRICE ONLY. Offer ends 16 December 2018.

    The Homedics Accu Node Handheld Massager targets accupoints to provide a deeper tissue massage with vibration

    • Gentle relaxing vibration massage
    • Accupoints provide a more vigorous, deeper tissue massage
  • Homedics USB Compact LED Mirror With Powerbank


    $ 27.00

    The Homedics Compact LED Mirror with USB powerbank is a multipurpose device that includes two mirrors and built in LED lights, plus a USB feature that is ideal for use when your phone needs charging

    • Powered by USB charger
    • Powerbank USB port to charge your phone
    • Cool touch LED technology
    • x2 mirrors, normal and double magnification
    • Soft glare and shadow free viewing
    • Compact foldable design for beauty on the go