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  • SENSIBO Sky WiFi Heat Pump Controller - White SENSIBO SKY WH
    $ 199.00
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    Sensibo Sky WiFi Heat Pump Controller - The ultimate automation device for any heat pump with an infrared remote. It will let you control, monitor, automate, schedule - and save you money! All you need is a connected WiFi network, a smartphone and the free Sensibo app. Plug in Sensibo Sky and the app will guide you through the easy set-up.

    • Climate React- automate reactions to room temperature or humidity
    • Works on any Infrared controlled heat pump
    • Works with Amazon Echo & Google Assistant
    • Automatically turns on and off based on your location
    • Save energy - lower bills
    • Monitor & report
    • Filter clean reminder
    • Easy 7 day scheduling
  • Tado Smart AC Control V3+ 104179
    $ 189.99
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    The smart way to control your AC. tado° Smart AC Control V3+ takes care of your comfort at home and helps to reduce your energy bill.

    • Save Money. Save energy and reduce your bills. | Anytime. Anywhere. Control your heating from anywhere with the intuitive tado° app on your phone. | More Insights. Clear overview of your climate history and savings.
    • Effortless Setup. The tado° Smart AC Control connects to your Wi-Fi, no additional wiring is needed. | Multi-Room Control. Control multiple rooms separately with the tado° app. | Healthy Climate. The Climate Assistant helps you to keep a healthy climate at home.
    • Intuitive Control. Let tado° control your AC, so you don't have to.* | Comfortable climate. Enjoy the perfect room temperature at all times - but only when someone's at home. | Geofencing notifies you to turn off your AC when no one is at home.**
    • Weather Adaptation integrates weather forecast information to assist in reducing your energy consumption. | Statistics and Reports transparently display temperature & humidity profiles, cooling activity, and energy savings. | Air Comfort helps you keep a healthy & comfortable climate at home.
    • Open Window Detection notices open windows and lets you turn off the AC effortlessly.** | Smart Schedule - setup your individual schedule, as simple or as complex as you need it to be. | Auto-Assist for even more comfort. You can automate Geofencing and Open Window Detection.***
    • * Benefit from automated skills with Auto-Assist
    • ** You can automate this skill with Auto-Assist
    • *** Auto Assist: available in-app
    • Props not included
  • Appliance Pro Universal Air Conditioner Remote AIRREMOTEII
    $ 79.95
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    Universal Remote for Heat pumps or AC

    • Main controls at front for ease of use.
    • Slide down for function access
    • Works on all split systems, portables, window and wall units
  • Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface Adapter MAC-568IF-E WIFI
    $ 299.99
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    This innovative technology connects your Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps to your smartphone, allowing you to control each unit on-the- go via an internet connection.

    • Innovative real time heat pump management
    • Change modes and temperatures
    • Develop advanced operating rules
    • Bi-directional control provides real time feedback
    • Set minimum and maximum room temperature rules
    • Multi room control available with purchase of additional adaptors
    • Ideal for commercial applications e.g. schools, motels
    • Access from smartphone, PC or tablet
    • Must be installed by a registered installer/electrician

Air Conditioning Accessories

Get the temperature just right at your place whatever the weather, with air conditioning accessories that make your portable air conditioner work just the way you need. At Noel Leeming, an air conditioner remote, heap pump controller, or an adapter to control your heat pump over wi-fi.Noel Leeming, NZ’s technology and appliance experts, have the range you need for a comfortable home year round. Their passionate experts are here to help in store, or shop any time online or using the MyNoelLeeming app.