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Shop by brand

Have your rooms heated and cooled quickly and effectively with air multipliers from Noel Leeming, and be ready for any weather. Select from our carefully-chosen models featuring precise temperature control, remote controls and touch tilt. You can find a good, safe model with no visible heating elements, which are easy to clean and don't have that worrying burning smell. Or go for models with advanced air multiplier technology, powerful air projection and acoustic engineering so advanced it's been awarded by the Noise Abatement Society. We have models with ten speed settings, sleep timer capability, efficiency which means that up to 40% less power is consumed and smooth oscillation ensuring an even, comfortable air flow for your maximum comfort and convenience. And we have air multipliers for table top use, but still with powerful air projection and touch-tilt engineering to actually stay put without clamping, and with no spinning blades or awkward grills.

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