• Dimplex 2.4kW Light Grey Ceramic Heater


    $ 139.97
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    The Dimplex 2.4kW light grey ceramic heater with movement sensor increases efficiency, safety and ease of use.

    • 2.4kW heat output
    • Movement sensor mode
    • Electronic thermostat
    • Eco mode
    • Remote control
    • Overheat safety cut-out
    • tip over switch
    • Oscillating base
    • 12 hour timer
  • Goldair GPH450 2000W Manual Panel Heater


    $ 121.97
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    Instantly warm up your house with the Goldair 2000W Electronic Panel Heater. This heater is made with an adjustable thermostat, so you can select a temperature that fits your needs. Designed with an electronic control panel, it is easy to use. This heater features overheat protection, providing your living area with maximised safety. It has castor wheels for effortless transportation.

    • 2 heat settings
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Castor wheels
    • Overheat protection
    • Wall mountable
  • Goldair 2100W Ceramic Tower Heater


    $ 105.97
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    The GCT320 is an oscillating, fast heating, ceramic tower heater. With an adjustable thermostat and safety tip over switch.

    • 2 heat settings
    • Oscillation
    • Safety tip-over switch
    • Electronic control
    • LED display
    • Remote control included
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Timer
  • Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Fitted Electric Blanket - King Single


    $ 102.97
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    The Sleep Perfect 250g/m2 non-woven polyester heated blanket features a 50cm fully fitted skirt that allows for easy fitting on most mattresses

    • 10 minute fast heat up
    • Cosy feet heating
    • Detachable Timer control with 9 heat settings, automatically switches blanket off after 75 minutes or 12 hours
    • SleepPerfect® Technology
    • Machine wash and tumble dry
    • Non-woven polyester fabric
    • 1050mm x 2000mm
    • 500mm fitted skirt
  • Dimplex 16L Dehumidifier


    $ 311.97
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    16L Dehumidifier with Antibacterial tank and Activated Carbon Filters. Stay dry this winter with the Dimplex 16L dehumidifier. Perfect for medium sized rooms.

    • Activated carbon filters to clean air toxins
    • 24 hour timer
    • 3L anti-bacterial tank
    • Clothes drying function
    • Humidity settings
    • 2 fan speeds
    • Continuous drain option
    • Protects health and furniture from mould and mildew
    • Tank full indicator
    • Washable filter
    • 16 Litre per day dehumidification capacity
  • Goldair Platinum 2000W Electronic Panel Heater With Wi-Fi


    $ 200.97
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    Stay warm during the winter with the Goldair Platinum 2000W Electronic Panel Heater With Wi-Fi. This heater is made with an adjustable thermostat to accommodate your temperature preference. It is complete with an electronic control panel and protects against overheating for extra safety in your living area. It has a 24-hour timer, which will work with any routine. With Wi-Fi capabilities, this heater can connect to the internet for smart, convenient programming. This heater features castor wheels and is wall mountable for added functionality.

    • 5 heat settings
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • Timer
    • Wi-Fi enabled
    • Castor wheels
    • Overheat protection
    • Wall mountable
  • Goldair Single Fitted Electric Blanket


    $ 54.97
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    Fitted electric blankets to help avoid wrinkling and movement. The GFTFS-S features 3 heat settings and is machine washable.

    • 3 heat settings
    • Detachable controller
    • 70W
    • 80 x 190cm + 40cm skirt
  • Dimplex 40 Litre Dehumidifier and Air Purifier


    $ 556.97
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    Ensure that your home remains comfortable with the Dimplex 40 Litre Dehumidifier and Air Purifier. This dehumidifier can remove up to 40 litres of moisture per day and features a 6 litre water tank and an easy touch control panel for effortless operation. It has an activated carbon filter, which absorbs and removes contaminants like smoke and bad odours from the air, and a HEPA 13 filter, which will trap various allergens such as dust mites, mould spores, pollen and pet dander to clean the air around you. It features a mildew guard, designed to prevent the growth of mould on the cooler. Equipped with a laundry drying mode, this dehumidifier can be used to dry your clothing. This dehumidifier is built with easy-glide castors and has a 24-hour timer for convenient use.

    • 6L Drainage tank
    • HEPA 13 filter to trap airborne allergens, bacteria and viruses
    • Automatic defrost function
    • Portable carry handle
    • Clothes drying function
    • Easy touch control panel
    • Tank full indicator
    • Easy glide castors
    • 24 hour timer
    • Removes up to 40 litres per day
  • Panasonic 33 Litre Dehumidifier


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    The Panasonic 33L W-HEX dehumidifier features ECONAVI, a Super Alleru-buster filter, and an intelligent dryness monitoring system, to create a healthy and comfortable living environment in your home.

    • Anti-allergen filter
    • ECONAVI economical mode
    • Removes 33L of moisture per day
    • 12hr timer
    • 5.2L tank capacity
  • Goldair King Mattress Protector Electric Blanket


    $ 93.97
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    2 in 1 warmth and practicality. The GMP range is an electric blanket with built in mattress protector. They features 3 heat settings, a fitted design and are machine washable as the controllers are detachable. Skirts are approx. 50cm deep to suit most mattress depths. The GMP range includes a zip-off, quilted mattress protector. Queen and King sizes feature dual detachable controllers, Large Single features one detachable controller. See spec sheets for heating areas for each size.

    • 3 Personalised heating settings
    • Detachable controller x 2
    • Full fitted skirt style
    • Machine washable
    • Blanket can be unzipped from mattress protector
    • Blanket dimensions 165cm x 203cm + 50cm Skirt
  • Goldair 15cm USB Desk Fan - Red


    $ 26.99

    This highly portable usb desk fan with single switch operation so you can cool your workspace faster

    • 1 speed setting
    • Soft plastic blades
    • Runs off USB port
    • On/Off switch
    • Adjustable fan tilt
    • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Cavius RF Photoelectric Smoke Alarm


    $ 69.99
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    Our Wireless Family alarms connect to each other via new RF technology; when one alarm sounds, all other connected alarms will also sound, providing users with the earliest detection.

    • New Radio Frequency technology with the ability to connect up to 32 alarms
    • 5 Year long-life Duracell battery (replaceable)
    • A penetrating sound at 85 dB(A at 3 metres
    • An easy and wide 10 minute hush and test button
    • Connects with the CAVIUS Smart Remote and warning light
    • 30 day low battery alert
    • Unique smart-clip ceiling mechanism
    • AS3786:2014 certified and New Zealand Building Code compliantt