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  • Goldair Platinum Airstream Bladeless Tower Fan GAS10
    $ 299.99
    5 Fly Buys points

    The Goldair airstream delivers a smooth cooling air flow free of buffeting, ridding you from that on-off gush of air caused by fan blades chopping up the air into segments. There are no accessible moving parts to get fingers caught up in so it's safe for families andpets. With 4 wind modes that allow you control of air flow to suit various cooling needs. The oscillation functions helps to cool a widerarea. It is exceptionally easy to clean and is suitable for small, medium and large rooms.

    • Bladeless technology
    • Oscillating
    • LED display
    • Remote control
    • 8 hour timer
    • 960mm x 330mm x 250mm
    • 4 speed settings
  • Delonghi 360° Tower Fan DETF122BK
    $ 249.99
    4 Fly Buys points

    DeLonghi 360 Tower Fan gives even, cool air distribution with wide oscillation angles for maximum comfort. 3 Fan speeds and 3 Wind modes: Natural, Eco mode - temperature sensing for best suited fan speed and Sleep mode. Easy to use thanks to the Touch Control LED display with light dimming function or use the remote control included and has 4 auto off timer settings: 1,2,4 or 8 hours.

    • Wide oscillation angles for your comfort
    • 3 Fan Speeds: Low, Med, High
    • 3 Wind Modes: Natural - cycles between low, med, high. ECO - temperature sensing for best suited fan speed. Sleep - cycles from high to low
    • Auto dimming function - LED display will turn off after 1 minute
    • 4 Auto-off timer settings: 1,2,4 or 8 Hours
    • LED display with infrared remote control
  • Goldair Double Fan 'Wood' Finish GCMT200
    $ 199.99
    3 Fly Buys points

    Goldair Double Fan

    • 2 Individual tilting fan heads
    • Oscillation
    • Remote control
    • Digital controls
    • Wooden effect finish
    • 7 hour timer
    • 2 wind modes
  • Endeavour 40cm Industrial Floor Fan FE-40
    $ 79.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    40cm brushed nickel industrial floor fan

    • High velocity motor for maximum air circulation
    • Precisely balanced blades make low noise
    • Built-in thermal protection function for the motor
    • Tilt adjustment for flexible use
    • 3 speeds
  • Goldair Whisper Quiet 30cm Desk Fan GCDF330
    $ 79.99
    1 Fly Buys points

    Goldairs Whisper Quiet fans feature an ultra-quiet motor which is ideal for bedroom use. Cool your bedroom and enjoy silence while you sleep!

    • Whisper Quiet Mode
    • Tilt Adjustable
    • Oscillating
    • 4 Speed Settings
    • 45W
  • Goldair 23cm Box Fan - Black GCBF125
    $ 49.99

    With 2 speed settings you can just adjust the output of these powerfulmotors to cool any day, and with the handy oscillating feature you cancool that work space faster.

    • 2 speed settings
    • Recessed carry handle
    • While stocks last
  • Sheffield Rechargeable Clip Fan PLA1495
    $ 34.99

    The light and versatile Sheffield Rechargeable Clip Fan offers convenient personal cooling wherever you are. Use the convenient 70mm clip to mount the fan on a myriad of things such as desks, baby strollers, shelves or whatever is available. It also features a 360' full rotation head offering multi-directional cooling; and doubles as a non-slip desk fan with stable base. Complete with 3 speed settings, it will operate up to 10 hours on a single USB connected charge of just 2 hours.

    • Portable and versatile
    • 70mm handy clip for multiple applications
    • Rechargeable battery with USB charging
    • Up to 10 hour operation with 2 hour charge time
    • 360 Degree full rotation
    • 3 Fan speeds
  • Sheffield Portable Mini Fan PLA1496
    $ 19.99

    The light and portable Sheffield Portable Mini Fan offers convenient personal cooling wherever you are. Take it on public transport, to the cricket or tennis, or anywhere you may need to cool down on those warm summer days. It also features an oval shaped stability base to enable it to also be used at your desk or at home. Complete with 3 speed settings, 15 degree tilting head and it will operate up to 4 hours on a single USB connected charge.

    • Convenient cordless design
    • Rechargeable lithium battery
    • Up to 4 hour operation
    • 15 Degree tilting head
    • 3 Fan speeds
    • Topple resistant base
    • Fan speed LED light
  • Endeavour 10cm USB Mini Fan FE-10
    $ 14.99

    USB powered mini 10cm fan

    • USB Powered
    • 1 speed setting
    • 10cm

Don't be caught short in the heat, come down to Noel Leeming and get an affordable, quality cooling fan from our great selection before you need it! Choose from moderately-priced desk fans that get the job done with convenience and efficiency, along with multi-speed settings, fixed and 90 degree oscillation, a topple-resistant base, so it's not short of functionality. Or you might need a tower fan, with sleek and slim styling, portability, built-in timers for energy conservation and cost savings, 75 degree oscillation, multiple speed settings and a high-reaching tower design for maximum air delivery with a topple-resistant base. Of course you might need a powerful metal pedestal fan with a tiltable head, multiple speed settings, oscillation and adjustable height, in various finishes -- chrome, copper and others. We also have smaller personal box fans for more limited space cooling, with adjustable angles for your comfort and ease of use.