• Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner


    $ 749.00
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    The Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner will offer you an effective temperature control system for your home. This heat pump has a 24-hour timer and a remote control, designed for easy temperature management. Easily adjust the temperature to your preferred setting with this air conditioner's control panel.

    • 3kW Cooling and Heating capacity
    • Suitable to cool and heat rooms up to 22m2
    • 2m2rating temperature: 5-43 degrees
    • Thermostat range: 17-30 degrees
    • Dehumidifying function: up to 40L per day.
    • 0-24 hour timer
    • Limited Stock
    • Dehumidifying Function - During Summer there can be high levels of humidity causing discomfort to many people and homes. All Dimplex Portable Air Conditioners come with a dehumidification feature that not only cools your home but also reduces unwanted moisture.
  • Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner, Heater and Dehumidifier


    $ 649.00
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    The Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner, Heater and Dehumidifier is a great choice for home temperature control. With a humidification function, this heat pump is ideal for adding moisture to dry air. This heat pump features a 24-hour timer with a sleep function, which will automatically shut the system off, ensuring safety and energy savings.

    • 1.1KW cooling capacity
    • 30L dehumidifier
    • 600W ceramic heater
    • 24 hour programmable timer with sleep mode
    • Easy touch control panel
    • Remote control