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  • Goldair 2000W Flat Fan Heater


    $ 26.97

    Provide your room with instant heat with the Goldair 2000W Flat Fan Heater. This heater is made with an adjustable thermostat to suit your personal temperature needs. Easily transportable, it is ideal for keeping around your home. This heater features a fan setting to cool you off on hot summer days. It has overheat protection, which ensures that the temperature doesn't go above a safe level for extra dependability. Featuring a manual control panel, it will be simple to operate.

    • 2 heat settings
    • Overheat protection
    • Fan only mode
    • Adjustable room thermostat
    • Power indicator light
    • Safety tip over switch
  • DeLonghi Comfort Air Purifier with Heating and Cooling Fan


    $ 799.99
    15 Fly Buys points

    Delonghi's New Comfort Air purifier heater/cooling fan appliance gives a whole new meaning to the term comfort. Experience the sensation of continuous air flow that is shaped to encompass you. Surround yourself in warm or cool air that is cleansed of harmful particles providing you and your family with a healthy home environment.

    • Air purification filter which constantly cleans the air removing 99.9% of fine particles
    • Eco function allowing energy consumption to be optimised when heating mode and guarantees the correct level of comfort
    • Digital countdown timer - choose between 7 intervals from 30 mins to 12 hours
    • Heating mode - Clean, warm air, for the perfect comfort zone, head-to-toe. Gentle, even warming for all-round comfort
    • Cooling Fan - choose from 10 different settings for the perfect cool breeze
    • Oscillating base - motorised oscillation naturally circulates the clean, warm or cool air throughout the entire room
    • Remote Control - Simple and intuitive: regulation of temperature, air speed and oscillation is made easy