• Goldair 2400W Radiant Heater


    $ 59.00
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    Price offer ends 20 June 2018.

    Control the temperature in your living area with the Goldair 2400W Radiant Heater. This convenient heater is equipped with an integrated carry handle, so you can effortlessly transport it from one location to another. It has three heat settings, so you can better personalise the warmth level of the room. It has a tip-over switch, which will shut the system off automatically if it's not completely straight.

    • 2400 Watt
    • 3 bar
    • Instant radiant heat
    • Safety tip-over switch
    • Integrated carry handles
  • Goldair 800W Retro Radiant Heater - Grey


    $ 39.00
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    Price offer ends 3 July 2018.

    Manage the climate in your home with the Goldair 800W Retro Radiant Heater-Grey. This heater is designed with two heat settings, so you can set the ideal temperature in your room. Easily transportable, it is a convenient solution for warming up in any room. This heater is made with a tip-over switch so that it will immediately turn off if knocked over.

    • 800W
    • 2 heat settings
    • Safety tip-over switch