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  • iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum


    $ 1599.00
    31 Fly Buys points

    iRobot Roomba 980 with iAdapt Navigation Dirt detect Technology series 3 Aeroforce Carpet boost scheduled cleaning WiFi and APP connectivity.

    • 3 stage cleaning system with spinning brushes
    • The iRobot HOME App lets you clean and schedule conveniently anytime, anywhere
    • Avoids stairs and other drop offs
    • iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with visual localization helps Roomba seamlessly and efficiently navigate an entire level of your home and keep track of its location, recharging as needed until the job is done.
    • Aeroforce extractors eliminates the hassle of hair and debris getting tangled on the brushes
    • Navigates under and around furniture without damaging household objects
    • Automatically recharges itself in between cleaning
    • The aeroforce cleaning system with carpet boost provides up to 10x the air power by automatically increasing the performance of the gen 3 motor on carpet and rugs, where dust and dirt hide
  • iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum


    $ 699.00
    13 Fly Buys points

    Roomba 637 features a patented 3 stage cleaning process with counter rotating brushes and a powerful vacuum to remove dirt, dust, hair and other debris from your hard floors and carpets.

    • iAdapt navigation and a full suite of sensors
    • Just press clean and Roomba® gets to work vacuuming your carpets and hard floors
    • The patented 3 stage cleaning system uses a combination of agitation, brushing, and suction to remove dust, dirt and hair from your floors
    • Roomba Vacuuming Robot to seamlessly navigate around obstacles, under furniture, and sweep along wall edges, while avoiding stairs and other drop offs
    • Automatically adjusting to different floor surfaces as it moves through your home
  • Electrolux PUREi9 Robot Vacuum


    $ 1999.00
    39 Fly Buys points

    Take comfort in knowing you can always return to a clean home, becausewith the Electrolux Pure i9 you can vacuum from wherever, whenever through the mobile app. Even the smallest corner is no match for Pure i9 with its innovative triangular shape, Pure Flow technology, super-efficient side Power Brush and XXL wide cleaning path ensuring an unbeatable, precise clean of all floor types.

    • Customise a cleaning schedule
    • Vacuum from anywhere using the mobile app
    • XXL washable filter
    • Schedule cleaning function
    • ClimbForceDrive: climbs up to 2.2cm allowing PUREi9 to reach more rooms
    • PureFlow technology: strong airflow powered by a brushless motor, together with a XXL 21cm wide brush roll and XXL filter ensures maximum suction on all floors
    • 3D vision system: PUREi9 uses a combination of lasers and camera to map your home in 3D to effectively detect obstacles and navigate around them for perfect cleaning coverage
    • Goes back to base when the battery is running low and resumes cleaning where it last stopped
    • App connected: the PUREi9 mobile app allows you to customize a cleaning schedule and operate at anytime even when you are not at home
    • Triangular trinity shape: allows the XXL 21cm brushroll and the side PowerBrush to be positioned at the very front for optimal edge cleaning
  • iRobot Roomba Robotic Vacuum


    $ 1249.00
    24 Fly Buys points

    Connect to clean from anywhere with the advanced cleaning performance of the Roomba® 890 Wi Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot. An advanced triple stage cleaning system with edge sweeping brush loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt, debris and hair with x5 more power* for increased cleaning performance.

    • iAdapt navigation enables Roomba to vacuum an entire room, cleaning under furniture, around obstacles, and along wall edges
    • The iRobot home app lets you clean and schedule conveniently: anytime, anywhere or just press clean on the robot
    • The AeroForce: 3 stage cleaning system delivers up to x5 the power* using a balance of debris extraction and suction. *Compared to Roomba" 600 & 700 series AeroVac· systems
  • Samsung Powerbot Robotic Vacuum


    $ 747.00
    14 Fly Buys points

    Introducing the Samsung PowerBot - packed full of features for a powerful clean with real suction.

    • Scheduling function
    • Easy pass wheels help the unit easily overcome a range of obstacles
    • 10W suction power
    • Full view sensor 2.0 scans and detects very narrow or small obstacles across a wide area. In addition, it senses room corners and cleans them three times
    • At only 9.7cm high and 28% slimmer*, the PowerBot is designed to easily slide underneath furniture while still doing a powerful clean with real suction. Generating real suction power, it sucks up dust anddirt on carpets or underneath furniture to deliver outstanding cleaning results
    • Cyclone force ensures extreme suction power for a long time*. To reduce clogging in the filter, Cyclone force generates a strong centrifugal force that extracts dirt and debris from the air into an outer chamber
    • Edge clean master makes cleaning along wall edges and corners easy. The auto shutter bristle brush drops down when it touches a wall, creating a barrier to help collect dust in tight spaces and suck it away!
    • Wide 288mm brush cleans large areas quickly and efficiently. It has a width of 288 mm, which is over 42% larger than the conventional 204 mm brushes, so it cleans a greater area with less movement in less time*
    • Visionary mapping system finds the optimal route for fast track cleaning. Using individual high performance smart sensors and an on board digital camera the POWERbot determines its cleaning path by creating a map of your home
    • Up to 60 minutes run time