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  • A perfect vacuum for every house hold. Beta bar technology for a deep clean. Lift off pod for doing stairs, car and couch. Light weight with a swivel head.

    • Beta bar technology for a deeper clean
    • Detachable lift-off pod for easy stair and upholstery cleaning
    • Long 8m cord so you can clean more rooms without changing plugs
    • Cyclonic action for powerful non-stop suction
    • Airtight HEPA filtration system
    • 30cm wide path cleaning to save you time
    • On-board tools - crevice tool, turbo brush, telescopic wand and more
  • Patented Dyson Advanced Radial CycloneTM technology for maximised suction, BallTM technology, easy to steer & engineered for powerful all-round pet hair removal. No extra costs, no bags & lifetime washable filters

    • Patented Dyson Advanced Radial Cyclone technology for maximised suction
    • Ball technology easy to steer
    • Engineered for powerful all-round pet hair removal
    • Self-adjusting motorised cleaner head for optimal contact on all floor surfaces
    • Instant release wand for stairs and high reach cleaning
    • Includes: Combination accessory tool and stair tool
    • Extra tools: Combination floor tool and mini tangle-free turbine tool
    • Captures allergens, expels cleaner air
    • No extra costs -no bags, lifetime washable filters
  • Cordless carpet sweeper with motorized brush bar which is simple and easy to empty and converts to a hand held

    • Cordless convenience for tangle free and portable sweeping
    • 2-in-1 cleaning - can be converted to a handheld sweeper
    • Motorised brush bar for efficient dirt pick up
    • Beyond edge cleaning so you can get into tight corners and close to skirting boards
    • Simple and easy to use and empty with no filters or consumables to replenish
    • Lightweight and low noise operation