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  • Inca i3530D 3-Way Tripod ICI3530D
    $ 49.99

    With a sturdier more compact head, the i3530D is the best value tripod in the market in its size. Great camera support for entry level/enthusiast photographers, with excellent quality, durability and price point

    • '3 way head with quick release plate
    • Mid level leg stabilisation system and canopy
    • Geared aluminium centre column with spirit level
    • 3 piece brace tubes are make of plastic
    • Flip leg locks for fast setup 21.3mm max tube size
    • Tripod bag included for carrying ease
  • Inca I3770 3-Way Head Tripod Black I3770
    $ 99.99
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    Inca I3770 3-Way Head Tripod Black

    • 3 way pan head
    • Radial leg brace
    • Quick release plate
    • Geared elevator
    • Carry handle
    • Carry bag
    • 3 section, 26.7x23mm aluminium legs
    • Maximum height: 166cm
    • Weight: 1740g
  • Inca Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit ACC2300-INCA
    $ 19.99

    Essential Cleaning Kit for Digital Cameras/Camcorders

    • Contains everything needed for cleaning Cameras
    • Includes blower brush, lens cleaning fluid, lens tissues, soft fabric cloth, cotton buds
    • Excellent for cleaning lenses, viewfinders, LCD screens and camera body
  • INCA CANON NB-11L BATTERY(Powershot A2300, A2400IS, A3400IS) NB-11L
    $ 29.99

    Battery Replacement

    • Replacement for Canon IXUS Series
    • Canon A4000IS and A4050IS
  • Inca Canon NB-6L Compatible Battery B3724-INCA
    $ 39.99

    Compatibility : Digital IXUS 105 IS, Digital IXUS 200 IS, Digital IXUS 210 IS, Digital IXUS 300 HS, Digital IXUS 310 HS, Digital IXUS 85 IS, Digital IXUS 95 IS, Powershot D20, Powershot S120, Powershot SD10, Powershot SD1200 IS, Powershot SD1300 IS, Powershot SD3500 IS, Powershot SD4000 IS, Powershot SD90, Powershot SD95 IS, Powershot SX170 IS, Powershot SX260 HS, Powershot SX280 HS, Powershot SX500 IS, Powershot SX510 HS, Powershot SX530 HS, Powershot SX540 HS, Powershot SX610 HS, Powershot SX710 HS

  • Inca Canon LP-E12 Compatible Battery B3750-INCA
    $ 54.95
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    Compatible Models: EOS 100D

  • Inca 37MM UV FILTER 37MM UV
    $ 1.00

    Inca 37mm UV Filter

    • Absorbs UV rays without changing the exposure
    • Also protect your lens from dust, moisture and scratches
  • Inca B4210 Inca- Olympus LI-42B Fuji NP-45 Compatible Battery B4210-INCA
    $ 29.99

    Inca B4210 Battery compatible Olympus LI-42B & Fuji NP-45

  • Inca Panasonic DMW-BLC12 Compatible Battery IC780262
    $ 49.99

    Compatible Models: Lumix DMC-FZ1000 , Lumix DMC-FZ200 , Lumix DMC-FZ200GK, Lumix DMC-FZ200K, Lumix DMC-FZ300, Lumix DMC-G3KGK, Lumix DMC-G3WGK, Lumix DMC-G5, Lumix DMC-G5K, Lumix DMC-G5KBODY, Lumix DMC-G5KK, Lumix DMC-G5KKCP, Lumix DMC-G5S, Lumix DMC-G5W, Lumix DMC-G5X, Lumix DMC-G6, Lumix DMC-G6K, Lumix DMC-G6KK, Lumix DMC-G6S, Lumix DMC-G6W, Lumix DMC-G7, Lumix DMC-GH2

  • Inca LP-E8 Replacement Battery LP-E8
    $ 49.95

    Li-Ion Battery Pack

    • Compatibility Canon: EOS 550D, EOS 600D, EOS 650D, EOS 700D, EOS Kiss x4, EOS Rebel T2, EOS Rebel T5i
  • Inca Nikon EN-EL15 Compatible Battery IC780209
    $ 79.99
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    Compatible Models: D500, D600, D610, D7000, D7100, D7200, D750, D7500, D800, D800E, D810, D810A

  • Inca Sony NP-BG1/FG1 Compatible Battery B4560-INCA
    $ 49.99

    Replacement: NP-BG1/FG1 BATTERY