• Lenovo 11.6" 100e (2nd gen) Intel Celeron 4GB RAM 32GB eMMc Storage Chromebook 81MA001AAU
    now $ 338.00
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    Price offer ends 19 January 2021.
    Hot Price + Bonus Endeavour wireless mouse worth $15. Offer ends 19 January 2021.

    Engineered to earn perfect attendance, the 100e never takes a day off from learning. Its powerful, portable design features state of the art learning tools that will suit any size school or budget. And thanks to its user friendly interface, students and teachers can easily access Google Classroom, G Suite for Education and today's most popular education apps, all through their own personalized Google IDs.

    • Intel Celeron N4020 Processor
    • 4GB RAM
    • 32GB eMMc Storage
    • Chrome OS
    • 11.6" HD Screen
  • Lenovo M8 Tablet - Iron Gray ZA5G0036AU
    $ 249.00
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    The Lenovo Tab M8 is an impressive tablet. Sleek metal construction, a spectacular HD display, and a Dolby Audio tuned speaker come together to bring you enjoyable entertainment with luxury appeal. With a quad core processor and up to 18 hours of battery life, this tablet will keep you engaged all day with your favorite apps from the Google Play Store.

    • MTK, Helio A22 Quad-Core Processor
    • 2GB RAM
    • 32GB Storage
    • Integrated ARM Mali-400 GPU
    • Android 9 Pie
    • 8" IPS HD Display
    • 5-point Multi-touch
    • 2MP Front / 5MP Rear Cameras
  • Lenovo M7 Tablet - Iron Gray ZA550165AU
    $ 109.00
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    Price offer ends 19 January 2021.

    Looking for a tablet thats fun, affordable, and can go anywhere? Your search ends with the Lenovo Tab M7. Its super portable at only 7", with a vivid display and narrow borders for a sublime video streaming experience. With its thin metal body, the Tab M7 is more stylish than your average budget tablet, while giving you peace of mind that it wont break easily.

    • MTK , MT8321 1.3GHz processor
    • 1GB RAM
    • 16GB Storage
    • Integrated ARM Mali-400 GPU
    • 7" IPS HD Display
    • 5-point Multi-touch
    • Android 9 Pie
    • 2MP Front / 2MP Rear camera
  • Lenovo Smart Lighting Strip - 2 Meters ZG38C02926
    $ 49.99

    Tunable RGB color range and also dimmable plug into the wall and use ready self-adhesive to place where you want. Waterproof IP65 30 led lights per meter (60 led's in total). Compatible with Google Home & Alexa to control these devices with voice WiFi connectivity, no hub required.

  • Lenovo Smart Clock with 4" Touch Screen ZA4R0001AU
    $ 89.00
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    Price offer ends 9 February 2021.

    Designed to live on your nightstand, the Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant has a 4" touch screen and delivers delightful, visual experiences when you need them the most: in the morning, when you wake up, and in the evening, when you're ready for sleep. With help from your Google Assistant, waking up and getting ready for bed have never been easier. Ask it questions and tell it to do things - it responds to your voice or touch. Just start with "Hey Google" to set an alarm, enjoy music, check your next meeting time, control your smart home, and more - all hands-free.

    • Kick start your day: Wake up with hundreds of sounds and media alarms to choose from. To snooze it, just tap on your Smart Clock. Check the display and see the weather, your calendar, commute info, news and more with the "Good morning" routine.
    • Unwind in the evening: Do more with a single command with the "Good night" routine: turn off the lights, lock the doors, play some relaxing music, and more. You can also see alarm suggestions and set it up via voice
    • Enjoy your favorite tunes: Play your favorite music, audiobooks, radio, podcasts, and more. With multi-room, you can add your Smart Clock to a speaker group and play media across multiple devices and rooms. Your Smart Clock also works with Chromecast, so you can stream your favorite shows, movies or music on your TV or speakers using only your voice.
  • Lenovo Smart Clock Essential ZA740009AU
    $ 49.00
    Price offer ends 9 February 2021.

    The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is the ultimate smart clock for any room. With a big & bold display you can check out the time from across the room, whether in the kitchen, in the living room or on a shelf. Talk to Google for hands-free help. From checking the time & weather, setting timers for cooking, adding items to your shopping list or making hands-free calls, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is here to help you be more productive and take back time. It's also a great night-time companion with its built-in nightlight that provides a small source of light without waking up the whole family. No more stumbling around in the dark when searching for things. Listen to music, news, podcasts, and more with the clocks quality speakers. Control over 40,000 compatible smart devices from over 5,000 brands. Ask Google to set the temperature, dim the lights, and more. Just say "Hey Google."

    • Check out the time. See it on the easy-to-read LED, big, bright and visible, from any angle or across the room. Whether in the kitchen, under the TV or on a shelf, the smart clock complements any room perfectly, balancing practical functionality with discreet minimalism.
    • Listen to Music, news briefings, podcasts - The clock's quality speakers add volume and bass to your music playlists, radio stations, audiobooks, podcasts, and more.
    • Display: 4" LED
    • Color & Finish: Soft Touch Grey
    • Weight: 240g
    • Nightlight: 31 Lumes
    • Processor: Amlogic A113X
    • Audio: 1 x 1.5" 3W Speaker (Peak Power of 3W)
    • Microphone: 2 x Microphone Array
    • Memory: 4 GB Ram / 512MB Flash (eMMC)
    • Wireless Connectivity: WLAN : 2.4G/5G Dual Band, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
    • Software: Google Assistant
    • In the box: Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card
    • Design: W 121mm x H 64mm x L 83mm
  • Lenovo 11.6" 300e Intel Celeron 4GB RAM 32GB eMMc Touchscreen Chromebook 81MB002KAU
    now $ 448.00
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    Price offer ends 19 January 2021.
    Hot Price + Bonus 11" Endeavour Hard Case worth $49.99. Offer ends 19 January 2021.

    Smart, sleek and super flexible, the 300e Chromebook is the total learning package. Its 10 pt. multi-touch display and 360 degree Yoga Hinge were designed to meet the ever changing demands of todays digital classroom.

    • 1.1GHz Intel Celeron N4020 Dual Core Processor
    • 4GB RAM
    • 32GB eMMc Storage
    • Chrome OS
    • 11.6" HD Touch Screen
  • Lenovo Smart Display with 7" Touch Screen ZA5K0001AU
    $ 149.00
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    Price offer ends 9 February 2021.

    The Lenovo Smart Display 7 is the most capable Smart Display in the market. It's been redesigned for a minimal footprint and a maximum set of features. With its hyper compact size, it is suitable for all shared spaces in the home: the kitchen, the living room, the study and more make everyday life easier. With the Google Assistant, you can quickly manage daily tasks, view glance able answers, stay connected with loved ones, enjoy your entertainment, and control your smart home - all hands-free. Like checking your morning commute or the weather, streaming music, radio or YouTube videos or making a video call to friends and family.

    • Enjoy music and entertainment: Play your favorite music, watch celebrity chefs on YouTube, or relive magical moments through Google Photos - simply by asking.
    • Get answers: Find the quickest route, check the weather, or listen to the news all hands-free. Set reminders, timers, and make lists too.
    • Keep in touch: Catch up with your family and friends over a voice or video call - using just your voice.
    • Control your home: Use your voice to control your smart home devices, and access them in a single dashboard. Supporting 30,000+ products and 3,500+ partners/brands.
  • Lenovo M10 2nd Gen Tablet - Iron Gray ZA5T0214AU
    $ 499.00
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    With an all-metal body and ultramodern design, the Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen) stands out from the crowd. Its 10.3" FHD display and dual speakers with Dolby Atmos give you truly immersive entertainment.

  • Lenovo Smart Color Bulb with Bayonet Base ZG38C02998
    $ 39.99

    Lenovo Smart Home Essentials are your one-stop shop to a smarter home. They are easy to setup, plug & play smart products, controlled by a single Lenovo Link app. Use your voice to control them using the Google Assistant and/or Amazon Alexa. Set up automation to create unique behaviors to make your home smart. Dim or brighten up any room remotely anytime. This colour dimmable smart bulb can be programmed automatically to turn on or off, dim or brighten depending on your daily needs

    • Voice control.
    • Programmable.
    • Dimmable.
    • Control remotely.
    • Tunable white: 2700K-6500K.
  • Use as a tablet or laptop. Unique design with detachable keyboard you can take anywhere. Mobile & convenient 10 inch FHD IPS touchscreen. Boots in under 10 seconds & runs automatic updates in background.

    • MediaTek Helio P60T Octa-Core 2.0 GHz
    • 4GB RAM
    • 128GB Storage
    • Google Chrome OS
  • Lenovo 11.6" 300e Intel Celeron N4000 4GB RAM 32GB eMMc Chromebook (2nd Gen) 81MB0004US
    now $ 448.00
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    Price offer ends 19 January 2021.
    Hot Price + Bonus 11" Endeavour Hard Case worth $49.99. Offer ends 19 January 2021.

    Lenovo 11.6" 300e Intel Celeron N4000 4GB RAM 32GB eMMc Chromebook (2nd Gen)

    • 1.1GHz Intel® Celeron® N4000 Dual Core Processor (turbo boosts up to 2.6GHz)
    • 4GB RAM
    • 32GB eMMc Storage
    • Chrome OS